Media: Cheap iPhone – iPhone 5 is the plastic in different colors

From the beginning, the web ply rumors of budget version of iPhone. It is expected that the phone will cost much cheaper than the flagship device and out to increase the presence of Apple in emerging markets. The last few months of rumors becoming more pictures appear in the online component system, there are details about the date of the presentation of new items.

Apple with the release of each of the next version of the iPhone for about $ 100 take off the price tag of the previous model. However, even this is not in any way help the company to take more or less tangible share in emerging markets such as China, India or Russia. As expected, the budget iPhone will cost around $ 300 without binding to the cellular operator. This price will open a huge stream of new customers to Apple, who previously could not afford an expensive device.

It was assumed that Apple will fall completely redesigned phone, made from cheaper materials to reduce the cost. However, according to the latest insider information, the handset will be but as a plastic iPhone 5.

According to Micah Singleton of SurrentEditorials in Cupertino decided not to invent anything new, and wrapped the popular “five” in the plastic box by adding a few new colors to the standard black and white. How true would be hearing – time will tell, but last year the source successfully predicted some features of the iPad 3. Singleton also has information about the date of the presentation of “apple” of the new items. Argued that the event will take place on September 18, which sounds quite plausible.

Encouraged by the fact that in this year’s Cupertino depart from the usual strategy of annual output to market a new model of iPhone, and show just two. The second will be the new flagship, now referred to as the «iPhone 5S». Thus the fall line of Apple’s smartphone will be represented by three devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the new iPhone 5S.

As mentioned above, the presentation of new products Apple is scheduled for September 18 this year. According Singlona, ​​plastic iPhone 5 will cost $ 99 with reference to the cellular operator.

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