Dot - smart watches for the blind

Dot – smart watches for the blind

Public interest in the smartwatch is not quenched. Moreover, the growing need for gadgets. Alas, they can not have everything.

Handheld devices are almost useless smart watches for the blind users. It is not possible to manipulate the touch screen. Is It a shame? Not that word.

What is special of smart watches for the blind?

South Korean engineers Dot’s decided that it was unfair. And come up with the same name chronometer enabled Braille. A real find for the blind.

The device is equipped with a front panel with 4 special segments. Each of 6 active points. This design allows you to create the desired character.

An important point: a comfortable rate is adjusted manually. A fairly wide range – from 1 to 100 Hz (for people of all skill levels, including beginners).

Dot - smart watches for the blind

Synchronization with mobile devices is done via Bluetooth. The foregoing provides a notification is displayed on your smartphone. It supports voice control.

As for battery life, built-in battery ensures up to 5 days without recharging.

Dot release will take place in December this year. The price of smart watches for the blind is 300 US dollars.

Source: techinasia

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