Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

In the early spring in the Catalan capital will host a real parade of presentations: at Mobile World Congress debut flagship device from the most famous brands. Raqwe summarizes the expectations of the MWC and tells what gadgets we demonstrate with 1 to 5 March.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

After the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Round abandoned experiments with curved displays: Koreans focused on supporting strips that allow the service information at the end of the smartphone. Debut device became Galaxy Note Edge – flagship Phablet with additional screen on the right side. He was introduced along with the Galaxy Note 4, and the highest price (in Russia – from 50,000 at the start) made Edge premium option is usually Phablet. By early February, were sold 630,000 Note Edge – pretty good for an experimental device.

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

Experiments continue on 1 March: the presentation of Samsung will welcome not only the standard Galaxy S6, but Galaxy S6 Edge (the second part mentions the name – S Edge). Now on the Edge-version is palpable rate: first, something curved appeared on the teaser event (it’s always a hint), and secondly, the service is just two screens. The most simple but important reason for the appearance of the third display – the same opportunities for right-handed and left-handed users. In terms of “stuffing» S6 Edge coincide with the classical Six: 2K display, processor Exynos 7420, 3 GB of RAM, with options 32/64/128 GB of built-in resources, 20-megapixel camera and a fingerprint scanner. Operating system – Android 5.0, moreover, it is likely without TouchWiz.

Fashion on curved devices support mainly Korean manufacturers: in early January at CES-2015 was announced the LG G Flex, slightly curved display equipped. However, most experts are of the opinion that the real benefit of such devices are not able to bring: it is necessary to wait for the moment when it will be possible to turn off the smartphone into a tube.

Modules Google Ara

The collapse of Glass makes Google hurry with other innovations: the failure of smart points can adversely affect the image of the company, so you need to quickly present something resonance. The ideal candidate – modular smartphone Google Ara, who received the news about the media a couple of years. The idea of the Internet giant is to give people a choice: for example, a man who only need a large screen and powerful processor, can save on the camera, simply abandoning this module.

In preparation for the commercial version of Ara in Google faced a lot of problems: the first stages of the magnets do not provide adequate reliability of the design, so the module is loosened. In January 2015 journalists from leading publications invited to brief acquaintance with modular smartphone. The opinion of the press was quite clear: now this gadget seems very unusual (primarily because any element can detach), but on the whole project looks promising.

In Barcelona Google bring ready modules developed by Yezz. The preliminary announcement indicated that the companies involved in the project Ara, engaged in the creation of about 100 different hardware units – from the processor to the fingerprint sensor. It is already known that the chipsets will deliver Marvell and NVIDIA, for screens respond Innolux, but for the sound of Sennheiser. Thus, already at MWC many journalists will be able to explore the finished models Google Ara. Sale of smartphones and modules to them should start this year: it is expected that the site will launch in Puerto Rico.

Operating Systems


A year ago, Meizu and Canonical arrived at MWC with a prototype smartphone Ubuntu Touch: the role of the subject was current at the time MX3, but the market gadget with the new OS has not arrived. Further development of the mobile version of Ubuntu was pulled all the 2014-th: in November Meizu and Canonical consolidated friendship agreement on strategic partnership. Most likely, the partnership finally result in a complete device: it was announced that UFO-smartphone (U – Ubuntu, FO – Flyme OS) will debut in the first quarter of 2015.

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

The list of participants nearest exhibition MWC Meizu does not appear, but there is Canonical. For an early announcement of the joint gadget indicated by the fact that on 7 February was presented the first official smartphone on Ubuntu: BQ Aquaris E4.5 with mediocre specifications (qHD, screen, 1 GB of RAM) and the price of 170 euros.

It is worth noting that for the final release of Canonical refused consoles Touch: The resulting system is simply called Ubuntu, which underlines its identity with the desktop version.

Windows 10

February 13 Microsoft announced the release of Windows Mobile 10 Technical Preview – This assembly is designed to fans who are willing to endure any hardship for the sake of testing fresh OS. The oddest thing was that a couple of days before the premiere Windows 10 TP Corporation of Redmond has confirmed its participation in the MWC 2015. Then everything goes according to one of the three scenarios.

The first – an optimistic: in Catalonia Microsoft will please the public the new flagship chipset Snapdragon 810 and the final running Windows 10. This version says a recent promise of the American company: it was stated that a smartphone with a top processor from Qualcomm appear this year. However, the likelihood of such an outcome tends to zero: the insiders did not publish any spy shots, therefore, the development of the flagship is one of the initial stages.

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

The second scenario – it is quite real: Microsoft brings Phablet Lumia 1330 (continued Lumia 1320) finished with Windows 10. This smartphone is known quite a lot: he will get a 5.7-inch HD-screen, Snapdragon chip 400 gigabytes of RAM, 14-megapixel camera and 5-megapixel front module.

The third story – tragic: Microsoft will offer to wait and restrict output in 1330 with the assembly Lumia Windows 8.1.

Also at the end of January it became known that Windows Mobile is alive not only through Lumia-backgrounds. Acer Executive Director Jason Chen confirmed that at MWC 2015 (4 years after the release vinfona Allegro) presents his company unit running “windows”. There is evidence that the device will not treat a flagship segment, but will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 in March.

Masthead format

Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro

Released in the summer of metal Phablet Vibe Z2 Pro has received high marks from the press, which enthusiastically greeted stylish device with a gorgeous screen and the flagship “iron”. The only complaint was the size at the end of many reviews the author points out that if Lenovo has cut the screen to 0.5 inches (or even per inch), the smartphone would be a wider audience.

After seven and a half months, the Chinese company is preparing to release Vibe Shot. He will get a 5-inch FullHD-screen (enough for a diagonal), aluminum housing, 3 GB RAM, OS Android Lollipop, as well as 16-megapixel camera with optical stabilization, three-color flash, and possibly a laser autofocus. Judging by the title, Vibe Shot will be positioned as a camera phone: at the same point two physical buttons on the end. One is responsible for the shutter release, the other – for switching between professional and amateur shooting modes. Minus at Vibe Shot only one – Snapdragon chip 615, which is unable to compete with the 810-m performance.

Large plates

In 2015-m sure Apple will release a 12.2-inch tablet, so Android-competitors are trying to prepare for the release of Cupertino. Previously, the production of large plates were engaged only Samsung and Microsoft, and now they are likely to join Sony. The Japanese refused to big press conference at MWC-2015, but we can not exclude a quiet announcement giant tablet Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra.

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

He, if you trust the blurry spy images, get the typical rectangular design line. With the “filling” more difficult: the most detailed information to provide resources PadNews, periodically mistaken in their forecasts. The Chinese claim that the Tablet Ultra involve 4K screen, 6GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810 and the battery on the 12100 mAh. At least half of these characteristics, looks very doubtful.

In addition to Sony, Samsung and Microsoft can present large plates and less well-known brands: due Phablet 7-inch “tablet” lost popularity, so vendors have to complement the 10-inch format is something new.

Wearable gadgets

Watches from Samsung

The success of the Motorola Moto 360 forced designers to design the Samsung smart watch with a round dial. Even a few weeks before MWC-2015 Leak at least: there are only a sketchy outline design hours (unusual), previously codenamed (Orbis) and operating system information (Tizen, but not Android Wear).

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

We can assume that, as in the case with previous smart clock company, Orbis will be synchronized only with gadgets ruler Galaxy. All other details we learn in Barcelona.

LG G Watch R2 with LTE

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

Koreans do not mind the fact that G Watch R2 will give them the third generation smart hours per year: in LG focused on how to outperform competitors in real time. In early December 2014 it became clear that with a budget smartphone Asian manufacturers take at MWC round clock with support for LTE. Appearance G Watch R2 virtually unchanged compared to the previous generation, and the presence of the communication module will allow to get ahead in this field, Samsung, whose Gear S only works in third-generation networks.

Bracelet Watch from HTC

The Taiwanese company for a long time to look closely to the market wearable electronics and only now produced his gadget. The device, tentatively named HTC Petra – hybrid smart watches and fitness tracker. Accessory will weigh only 23 grams, but can boast superior functionality. Petra with a flexible 1.8-inch PMOLED-screen with a resolution 32h160 points accelerometer integrated GPS-module, robust housing (protection – IP57) and a battery that is able to operate without recharging up to three days.

The gadget is synchronized with the devices on iOS and Android, passes back information about physical activity and sleep schedule is. In addition, Petra can act as a smart alarm clock, music player and the remote control for the camera smartphone. Of course, no Android Wear is not established that there is only its own operating system, developed specifically for this model.

The device is available in three sizes (S / M / L) and four colors (black / turquoise / gray and blue / lime). First smart watch to get into the US market (price unknown), followed by a global release worth the wait.


HTC One M9

Preceded M9 Hima was one of the most beautiful smartphone 2014: Android even among fans assumed that it was with One M8 at Apple sketched sixth iPhone. HTC flagship 2015 will be even more attractive: the latest figures, the front panel is made from glass, speakers leave the slot on the end, and a little old dark band (the one below the screen) all lost. Behind everything will remain as before, but instead of a double chamber will be a regular 20-megapixel module production Toshiba.

Samsung, HTC in Barcelona: Waiting for MWC 2015

Characteristics of the device are well known: HTC One M9 Hima receive a 5-inch Full-HD-screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810, 3GB of RAM and Android 5.0 with a shell Sense 7.0.

Thickness Gionee

In little-known brands have only one opportunity to quickly get all the news feeds: it is necessary to release a gadget that passes under the category “best.” The thinnest smartphone (at least for a few weeks) will be presented in Barcelona: there it will bring the company Gionee. The thickness of the device is only 4.6 millimeters, with no tricks like bulging cameras or 2.5-mm jack for headphones is not provided.

All known specifications of the machine from Gionee – is the amount of RAM (2 GB) and the operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop. Let the graph (screen, processor, battery) can be filled in early March in Catalonia.

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