MPCL1: Laser mini projector from Sony

MPCL1: Laser mini projector from Sony

Are you looking for a compact laser mini projector? Maybe fit a new miniature model MPCL1. The device was created by Sony and really tiny (to peers).

In size, the product resembles a smartphone. Besides, it is not expensive – $ 350. Not a high price for such devices.

Feature of laser mini projector

As for features, they are very encouraging. The gadget of laser mini projector is easy to cope with a 120-inch image. Plus ensures a resolution of 1920 by 720 pixels.

MPCL1: Laser mini projector from Sony

“Picture” is displayed at a distance of 3.7 meters. Uneven surfaces definition do not harm – through support PicoP.

The maximum brightness MPCL1 – 32 lumens. For solutions with a laser light source – quite well.

Available battery capacity of 3000 mAh. It lasts for 2 hours of active work. Another projector is suitable as a portable battery (for recharging phones, for example). Any port Micro-USB.

The release of laser mini projector is expected in a few months – in October.

Source: wired

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