Microsoft wants to continue licensing Windows Phone, despite a deal with Nokia

It has long been rumored that Microsoft is going to buy a mobile unit with Nokia, and in the end it happened . Thus, after the transaction is completed in the next year redmondskaya company will actually produce their own WP-smart phones, and in its possession becomes the largest manufacturer of such devices at the moment. However, Microsoft is not planning to stop licensing mobile OS to its partners, as in the official blog announced a corporate vice president of Windows Phone, Terry Myerson (Terry Myerson).

It remains an open question, and how interesting the producers themselves to produce smartphones based on Windows Phone? At the moment we are working in this direction HTC, Samsung and Huawei. While the reaction from them for the purchase of Nokia have been reported, as well as the announcement of new models WP-smartphones. You can draw a parallel with Google and Motorola, jointly released the Moto X , and now with this unit will have to compete dozens of developers using OS Android. This is the most popular mobile platform in the world, but the need to compete with its creator, who clearly knows the product better than others, does not cause rapid cell enthusiasm among the participants of the market, not to mention not the most common Windows Phone.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Microsoft to compete with their own partners. Suffice it to recall the plates Surface and Surface Pro .

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