Apple has released Apple TV 5.4 beta 3 for developers

In addition to updating iOS 4 beta 7 on Monday night Apple released a new beta version of the firmware Apple TV. Assembly is available for registered developers officially Online Developer Center.

Updates «Apple TV 5.4 Seed 3″ is aimed at correcting errors, including problems in the AirPlay, a bug with iTunes Radio, which led to a crash of the system, and errors with the uncontrolled increase in volume during playback.

In Apple TV 5.4 Seed 3 fixes:

  • Apple TV can not connect to the Internet when you first boot after the restoration of the operating system.
  • Play music via AirPlay could lead to switching tracks.
  • Problems with music playback via AirPlay.
  • An attempt to delete a station in iTunes Radio could cause the system to crash.
  • Switching between Apple ID could lead to incorrect loading of libraries.
  • The uncontrolled increase in volume during playback via AirPlay.
  • Playback problems AirPlay-video.
  • Apple TV hangs at the entrance to an account iTunes Store.
  • Purchased from the iTunes content is not displayed in alphabetical order.

Download Apple TV 5.4 Seed 3, as well as any other test release, can only registered developers involved in the programs of iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program.

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