iTunes Radio will be a separate application

Since the official release of iOS 7 streaming music service from Apple is available to owners of the iPhone and iPad in some countries on the first tab of the standard application “Music”. On the one hand, users conveniently listen to music in one program, but at the same time it makes it difficult to develop iTunes Radio Corporation as an independent service and attract new advertisers. Therefore, if you believe the source portal 9to5Mac, iOS in 8 radio from Apple will be a separate application.

In Cupertino earlier resorted to the practice of “separation” applications. For example, in iOS 5 of the program disappeared iPod movies, videos and television shows that have been integrated into the application “Video”. And with the advent of iOS 6, Apple began to promote “Podcasts” as a standalone application, as appropriate section has been removed from the program “Music.”

In September, Tim Cook said that the number of users of iTunes Radio exceeded 20 million people. It is less than 75 million listeners Pandora, but does not take away the title of Apple service, the fastest growing among the competitors. Analysts Statista company estimated that currently iTunes Radio holds eight percent of the U.S. market streaming music.

For this indicator, iTunes Radio bypassed even Spotify , which boasts six percent share. It should be noted that these services work on different models of monetization: Spotify takes a monthly fee from their customers, and Apple provides iRadio absolutely free when you subscribe to iTunes Match . Otherwise, users will have to periodically interrupted by commercial breaks while listening to the radio.

It is likely that the release of iTunes Radio standalone application can mean fast service coming into new markets – for example, Russia. While it is available only in some countries, and this hampers Apple develop its pretty promising product.

Apple has successfully test the waters in this new field and can now afford to allocate iRadio in a standalone application. If users really so pleased with the service, they will not be lazy and download the program of the same name from the App Store.

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