When we see a new Apple TV?

This Friday, Apple launched an interesting share holding which is quite unusual for the company from Cupertino. All customers who purchase a set-top box Apple TV in the official shops Corporation until March 5, get iTunes gift card for 25 dollars. Given that the cost of Apple TV is $ 99, the deal turns very profitable.

Generous share Apple surprisingly coincides with rumors about a possible release of a new generation Apple TV this month . Previously, a number of foreign sources claimed that the new console will be presented in March, but its sales will begin only by the fall of this year. It is possible that Apple in an accelerated mode gets rid of old inventory to make room for new.

However, one of the editors of the publication The Loop does not believe the news enough to make a judgment about the imminent presentation of the new Apple TV. According to him, the company can crank out such action and without the hidden intention.

Nevertheless authoritative U.S. sources continue to hint at a new generation of set-top box this spring. Financial Times argues that the new Apple TV can be expected “at any time”, while Bloomberg calls clear temporal boundary – in April this year.

As we know, Apple rarely does anything by accident, which is why the stimulation of demand for Apple TV from the corporation has certain underlying causes. No wonder that at a recent shareholders’ meeting , Tim Cook announced billions of dollars earned in 2013 with the help of Apple TV.

Judging by the actions of Apple, it’s not going to pull with his novelty to developer conference WWDC in June and announced a new Apple TV without presentation.

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