AOC: good monitors do not cut your eyes and relax your neck

AOC: good monitors do not cut your eyes and relax your neck

AOC: good monitors do not cut your eyes and relax your neck

Choosing a monitor, users notice is not all important factors. And in vain: modern displays should not only play high-quality image, but also help to reduce the strain on your back, neck and eyes. AOC understands how important it is for the user to work in a comfortable environment, so even the most inexpensive monitors are equipped with ergonomic features.

Taking care of the comfort of jobs, employers help their employees to work more productively. Opportunities in the field of ergonomics monitors protect the health of users, reduce fatigue and discomfort level. That is why in many displays AOC supports a full range of ergonomic features. Screen rotation 90° changes the orientation of the image to landscape to portrait.

In such a situation, it is more convenient to work with the text: the screen is placed a large part of the page, and the user has to move the slider to scroll less. In order to get the optimum viewing angle, has a function to rotate the screen. It allows you to position the monitor perpendicular to the line of sight or expand the display so that it saw several users.

Adjust the stand height also improves the usability of the computer. The screen can be raised and lowered to 130 mm, depending on body height and the height of the table. This feature will help reduce the pain in the neck, shoulders and back, which arise because of the work in an uncomfortable position.

AOC: good monitors do not cut your eyes and relax your neck

Monitors with ergonomic features useful in offices where one workplace uses several people: customize the display for each employee – a matter of minutes. Adjusting the screen and is useful in order to demonstrate to colleagues the display.

In addition to the ergonomic features of two models AOC E2276VWM6 and E2476VWM6 technology Anti-Blue Light. It filters out harmful radiation blue part of the spectrum on the screen and reduces eye fatigue when working with the monitor.

Resolution and image quality

Monitors are constantly being improved and use the latest technology to meet a number of requirements on the part of professionals and advanced users.

Thanks to Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) screen displays some modern displays up to 8.29 million pixels – four times higher than in the panels Full HD.

AOC: good monitors do not cut your eyes and relax your neck

Huge impact on the quality of the picture has a response time. The smaller it is, the clearer the image the user sees in dynamic scenes movies and games. Monitor AOC U2868PQU has the best response time of less than 5 ms, so is perfect for both works and for watching movies or computer games.

Large diagonal and increase productivity

Members of graphics and video editors, stock market analysts and amateurs to do several things at the same time appreciate the advantages of large monitors. On the screen with a diagonal 28″ and above almost do not have to switch between different windows and scroll through documents.

Functions PiP and PbP («Picture in Picture”, “picture next to the picture”), as well as innovative technology AOC Screen + share the monitor screen into four parts so you can view the images from different sources, or run multiple applications simultaneously. These advantages are collected in the model U3477PQU – the largest AOC monitor with a diagonal of 34″.

“We often hear from customers that good ergonomics, a large diagonal screens and technologies that reduce eye strain, positive impact on productivity. These qualities help preserve the health of employees and reduce the number of absences due to fatigue and vision problems. Our clients understand that the difference between the monitors is not only price: putting their money into products AOC, the user does not just buy high-quality display with a nice price tag, it improves their quality of life, “- said Thomas Schade (Thomas Schade), Vice-President AOC, EMEA.

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