BenQ XR3501: a curved display for racing fans

BenQ XR3501: a curved display for racing fans

BenQ XR3501: a curved display for racing fansDo you like racing games? Probably, you should pay attention to the new monitor BenQ. In the arsenal of the company, as it became known, there was an unusual device. Let’s see what’s special show us a new monitor.

It called the Model XR3501. This 35-inch panel concave shape that provides a wide field of view and 100% of immersion in the game. Let’s look at the new features of the monitor.

Features of the monitor BenQ XR3501

The new monitor has received an interesting aspect ratio, it is 21: 9. As the manufacturer of the monitor resolution will be 2560 x 1080 pixels.

Once the screen is able to boast a very high refresh rate, which is 144 Hz. It supports multi-monitor configurations. And it is able to get the real feel of the games or watching movies.

BenQ XR3501: a curved display for racing fans

For quality “pictures” do not worry. BenQ engineers have equipped the system XR3501 Black eQualizer. Technology makes dark scenes rich and clear (in this case – not flashing light areas).

In addition, the presence of Color Vibrance – a special tool to “thin” image settings.

In conclusion of the BenQ XR3501

New Curved Monitor BenQ XR3501 turned out pretty good. Sales start in the 2nd quarter of the year 2015. According to the manufacturer, the price of the monitor information is not available.

Source: TechPowerUp

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