GTA Online: surviving in Los Santos

It is fashionable to launch new games without the campaign, multiplayer or anything else that elements “dopilivaya” missing along the way, so that activation of the GTA Online, multiplayer GTA V , but on October 1, apart from the release of the game itself looks quite in the spirit. One would hope that the pause will allow Rockstar to evaluate the audience and prepare for an influx of online thieves – too many games Pogorelov recently on the run because of the banal lack of servers and access problems.

But the start will still get worse than you would expect. The first couple of days it was possible to drive safely put off to the side – cloud server Rockstar did not survive, the characters have been created, online does not work. Then we went to the patches, patches and patches. Echoes of the problems start to hear the players even now, when the loading screen tips GTA Online flaunt “it does not lose its character” and “Do not press this button.” But the connection is stable, and we can now say for sure that GTA Online started.

In the trailer and the official website we were promised a “dynamic and constant open world for 16 players, which begins with the content and GTA V continues user generated content.” This is only half true.

Greets us with a rather original character generator. No eyebrows or length bust size – things no one can edit. But you can choose the look of their parents and grandparents to great-grandmothers, that will affect the complexion of the hero. In addition, it indicates the daily routine – six hours of sleep, three – sport activities, a couple of hours of legal work, and everything else – idleness. This affects the initial parameters of the character and for some reason changed his clothes, which could be before that is already specified player. Why was it so complicated – it is not clear, but beat the Saints Row in this regard Rockstar has clearly failed – persons ancestors virtually indistinguishable at this resolution, and the influence of the characteristics is minimal.

With the opening of a permanent peace came a hitch. Each time the player enters the GTA Online, he gets into a session for 16 people. Preference is given to “server”, which is a friend or a member of the gang. In fact, it’s a sandbox, which is a kind of hallway – here the player can ride, visit the gambling establishments, buy real estate and cars. But as soon as he chooses to take someone’s job, or an invitation to the mission, all the participants will get a “dungeon” (a separate, enclosed location, generated for a group of players), where the host will be invited. No other players on the mission will not be – only the NPC and members.

Mechanics of this “instance” means that after the successful completion of the job group does not fall apart, and continue the game, so in the end there is a beautiful array of six new jobs, where each makes his choice – to continue to have fun together, or go back to idle mode. The trouble is that all these jobs to choose from – the usual racing, skydiving and other standard mission. A group usually gather to perform the original story assignments that are handed out characters from the single-player portion of GTA V.

In my opinion, the most unfortunate decision in this system – the constant change of the server. Upon completion of quests the player does not fall into that session, from which he retired. So if you went to play with his friends, and one of you decided to go on a mission alone, then back to you he will not fall, and will have to be collected again, use the button “Join the other.” But the fact that the seats in the new session will be enough for everyone.

This system has an impact on the general attitude to the published server. Imagine that you are constantly being moved from one train car to another – everything seems to be going in the same direction, but to dating, friendship or quarrel is not reached. Therefore, in a general session predictable chaos reigns, where it’s easy to get shot by a passing bespredelschik inadequate or become a target player who decides to blow up at any price your car. In Rockstar promise to monitor the behavior of players, displacing distinguished themselves in a reservation for the “bad.” But while the work of the system is not particularly noticeable.

Another thing that affects the gameplay are the points which are marked all the players on the map. There’s nowhere to hide, sit too well hidden “arrow” between the two groups immediately turn into a mass slaughter, where nothing can be disassembled. Offended are repeatedly bounty offenders, and the server begins the hunt. The greater the reward – the more willing to destroy the target. Moreover, the reward can expose and NPC, which you drove the car. It does not help either out of the game or a game of hide and seek – the goal is visible to all and always, so death is inevitable, the only question of time. Another thing that cheat the system and cash in on this easy – just call a friend, who will shoot you, and then production can be divided into two. This approach is justified only when a large reward for his head, as if each death he loses about $ 2,000 in-game currency.

Story missions do not shine diversity. For each completed task accrues not only a cash bonus, but the reputation score. There is a growing level of player – opening up new types of weapons available hairstyles, clothing and other virtual “joy.” But the level before the 20th story missions handed out familiar characters look too pale. Steal a car for Simon to steal coke for Gerard repeated to exhaustion. Changing places, but the scheme remains the same – to get to the place and kill everyone, pick up a package and take him to a point. The emergence of new, but still familiar from the single player game characters is very slow. There are constant “distribution” from other players in the mission that you have already seen or are like two peas similar to the one that you just ran. The promised content is user-generated, so far in the project and will be introduced later, as the editor, with which the mission and will be created.

Outlet are independent  in free mode. Fortunately, you can hunt for expensive cars, which are valued in Los Santos Customs, or rob another roadside shop.

But the ownership of real estate in the GTA Online is perfectly implemented. Buy luxury apartment in the heart of the city with large windows, and then invite your friends – priceless. Thought out every detail, down to the ring at the door, and the need to open a guest. However, may be declared and uninvited guests, as well as bullies who calls and runs away. To do this, the TV in the living room of the channels – the camera monitoring the entrance. Special entertainment in the home, however, is not, therefore, limited to meeting the drinking of alcohol (from beer to wine and whiskey and green juice – depending on the value of the apartment), staring into a telescope neighborhoods and walk around the garage.

Has expanded the functionality of the gaming smartphone. Now it can be used to cause personal mechanic (if you have a garage) that will fit the selected car, use the services of an insurance company, or call on the help of experts from the private military company Merriuezer. In addition, you can call and heroes of the story line that transcends online.

So far, in the company of friends GTA Online looks good, and the time for the session flies by quickly. However, it later turns out that most of it you were fooling around, changed clothes, fighting with other players or trying to make a collective picture in the apartment of a friend. Much of the planned in the GTA Online yet – Editor, custom missions, sane clan wars, bank robberies. Yet done enough for it to entertain a huge army of fans, but Rockstar should hurry up with the introduction of promised features as virtual residents of Los Santos is not played enough.

PS In the design of this article draws user photos Rockstargramm, loaded with virtual smartphones GTA V.

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