Android Wear: Google induct

While tehnomany languish in anticipation of the conference Google I / O, wanting to know all the details about the operating system Android Wear and understand how portable gadgets on the new platform will be useful in everyday life, the development team of the Corporation Good teases all the new video clip, opening opportunities Wear a new side.

The first obvious benefit to using wearable electronics will be a saving of time that you spend with your smartphone. Green on the chart labeled “real life” in red – the moment you pick up the device, and blue – the precious moments spent in contemplation of information on the screen. Clock on Android Wear show only the most necessary at the appropriate time.

Unlike a competitor, Google does not force developers to learn a new programming language, and makes porting of applications to the OS for handheld gadgets as simple motto: “You do not need the extra work.” Software to support notifications in Android Wear, just add a few lines of code.

Before you release the SDK, Google encourages the program makers to reflect what tasks are performed more efficiently with a wearable accessory, and not with a smartphone, and keep in mind the principles of Android Wear: simple, intuitive operation and integration with the overall ecosystem.

Are you planning to get a Wear-device and you want to get from the new generation of portable devices? Be sure to tell us in the comments.

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