Zu Audio draws inspiration from the origins of the Hi-Fi. Overview Speaker Zu Audio Soul Superfly


Zu Audio Company was founded in 2000 by Sean Casey, firmly convinced that the development of Hi-Fi rolled off the right way and has become increasingly business than an art, designed to bring to every house music in all its fullness, naturalness and spirituality. Is not, in his opinion, the cause for the benefit of the production and separation of components from those who have put their hearts into creating them – so Zu Audio Factory is located in Ogden, Utah, at the same place and its products are developed.

He decided to start with a review of the basics and brought on the basis of experiments and listening experience three main rules, which states that the AU should: employ the full range speakers, “Realign” for the frequency range of vocal and delete the largest possible number of elements in the design to ensure the effectiveness of radiation bass coordination of acoustic design of columns and properties of the room.

The Old New Thing

The most noticeable design element AC Soul Superfly – this, of course, huge by today’s standards, the speaker of unusual design. 


However, 80 years ago, he would be perceived as quite traditional: the development of broadband emitter in the Zu Audio were founded upon the one that was proposed by the legendary acoustics engineer and inventor Harry Olson at the beginning of his career with RCA, which reminds us of the name of the connector to connect the equipment. In these columns mounted 10-inch signature dynamics fourth generation operating range from 30 Hz to 12 kHz. Archaic (not afraid of this word) in appearance, they are quite innovative in content (nanopaper, for example), and most importantly, are designed for direct connection to a power amplifier – the usual crossover is required. High-pass filter is provided for a signal going to the dome tweeter placed in a rather deep horn.

Acoustic design, applied for a broadband speaker is also designed to Zu Audio and called Zu-Griewe – after one of its inventors. Without going into details, we note that its external manifestations – four wedge-shaped slits on the bottom of the column. Its installation on the spikes ensure proper operation of the system.

The peculiar sound

AC Soul Superfly, as claimed in the Zu Audio, created based on the work of a single-cycle triode amplifiers – hence the high sensitivity and resistance of 16 ohms. But in our reference system, they proved extraordinary and talented performers. Their sound is not without a small horn color and some boominess, which, however, quickly get used to, because his character is not limited to these features. With the compositions of any genre speakers form a vast, rich air space and build a multifaceted scene with perfectly focused and timbre demarcated tools. The sound is very fast, dynamic variational, which has a swift attack. “Montagues and Capulets” from “Romeo and Juliet” by Prokofiev impressive scale, explosive power, excellent rhythm, as well as a beautiful and rich shades of microscopic dynamics of wind.

More fully Soul Superfly opened with a tube amp Conrad-Johnson Classic Sixty SE. The sound is smoother, softer, but more elaborate, rich nuances and bass gained credibility, depth and texture. Favorite song from the disc, Dee Dee Bridgewater J’ai Deux Amours pleased us elastic and crisp rhythms of drums, percussion, shine, melodious harmonies accordion and sensual vocals of singer.

Listening to these Zu Audio – is where I want to know how long they interprets familiar things. As a rule, peculiar, but it is interesting and enjoyable. On the CD The massacre 50 Cent they were brutal and assertive, they managed to convey melodic compositions SACD Machine Head Deep Purple, while maintaining all the attributes of hard rock, classics are played even if not exactly, but very emotional. These speakers are certainly worthy of examination, during which, we are sure they will have devoted followers.

Price: $ 5400

Pros: Air, polished, multifaceted sound, large-scale and fast dynamics, the original design and a beautiful finish

Cons: The peculiar character of the sound – not exactly like champions

Verdict: Extraordinary column for experienced audiophiles who are not afraid of difficulties in the construction of the system, as well as those they just will like

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