Fitness tracker Jawbone UP Move review: Personal Trainer

Fitness tracker Jawbone UP Move review: Personal Trainer

Fitness tracker Jawbone UP Move review: Personal Trainer

In the wake of the popularity of portable gadgets, many manufacturers have established production of various “smart” electronics, among which a special place is occupied by the device for a healthy lifestyle. Jawbone company recently updated its line, releasing another unusual fitness tracker UP Move. From conventional devices with such functionality, it is different in that it is made in the form of “pills”, which is installed in a special holder and is mounted on the clothes. The front surface of the device, equipped with 14 LEDs, displays the minimum amount of information. It is able to symbolically show time, the level of the current task and carry the device in sleep mode or active workout by long-pressing on it. For each exposure can enjoy the spectacle of lights winked in a circle. It looks very funny.

The model is powered by a standard battery CR2032, and its resources, according to the manufacturer, should be enough for half that for devices of this kind are very good. It is noteworthy that UP Move has just splash-proof so that when making water treatment it is better to take in order to avoid trouble.

In a clear plastic container stacked device itself, replaceable battery, clip for hanging on a backpack or clothing, the key to open the battery compartment, which is easily replaced by a coin, and very brief instructions.

Fitness tracker Jawbone UP Move review: Personal Trainer

The Basic kit is sufficient to monitor the conduct of training and passed the day steps. Lock with the backdrop is made entirely of medical grade plastic, which makes it water resistant, but you can not take advantage of the claimed function monitor sleep. To implement it, you need to purchase a bracelet with an open back, allows the device to directly adjacent to the wrist. He is available in two types – wide and narrow, as well as in different color versions.

Wear tracker on the clip I personally was uncomfortable all the time afraid of losing. The bracelet is made of hypoallergenic medical grade plastic, in this respect is much more convenient. However, my neutral light color, three days later became dirty gray and return it in its original condition was very problematic.

To activate the device you want to synchronize with your smartphone, which is first necessary to download the free app business under Android or IOS. Communication takes place simultaneously via WI-FI connection and characterized by the minimum voracity of the power interface Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. And since it is not supported by all smartphones, before buying is to clarify this point. The application interface is simple and very clear.

Fitness tracker Jawbone UP Move review: Personal Trainer

The software is able to track information about daily activities, sleep, and diet. However, it is desirable for the proper calculation constantly enter into the details of all the dishes and on the number, which is time consuming, but the monitoring exercise and sleep occurs with little or no involvement of the owner.

The day-to-day application builds graphs of motor activity, analyzes the quality of sleep, according to the interesting facts about health and strongly encourages. In achieving the goals on the day of the LEDs blink tracker in a circle, and the LED driving or sleep in the application starts to light up.

Fitness tracker Jawbone UP Move review: Personal Trainer

If I want to compete, then it is provided – you can share the results with the owners of the same device through the service Jawbone, as well as in social networks.

Subjectively, the data obtained with this apparatus, fairly accurate, but recurring problems with synchronization, which were treated reboot the device and smartphone.

Source: Jawbone

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