Claims to Android Wear

Claims to Android Wear and why Pebble still “OK”

Claims to Android Wear

Was a presentation of Google, over Google I / O – it’s time to speculate about what they saw. One of the central themes of the conference was the first Android Wear and clock running on the OS (which we covered in detail here ). Lucky, located directly at an event in San Francisco, even lucky enough to get to choose gadget from LG or Samsung , and later they will still Moto 360. But is it worth it on this occasion to envy?

Statistics smart watches- Android Wear

Claims to Android Wear

According to statistics, a month ago, the market leader in smart watches remain Pebble, though not very far ahead of the competition – they account for 35% of all devices used. After the first presentation of Android Wear we have tried to argue that awaits hero kraundfandingovogo project, which brought together worth more than 100 times greater than necessary. Then the outcome seemed obvious to me: with the release of hours on Android Wear Pebble go into oblivion. And now, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live is available for pre-order. But Pebble in my eyes not in a hurry to fade on their background.

Autonomy – Android Wear

Claims to Android Wear

Declared autonomy from LG hours is 36 hours in standby mode. How they will behave in active use, we have yet to learn. The specification Gear Live specified 1-day battery life. That is, in the best case clocks have to charge every night. At least with applications for tracking sleep can say goodbye, but do not want to.

At the same time the user will appreciate the Pebble whole week battery life. Once a week I sleep statistics, perhaps, ready to sacrifice. At least one does not offer me a better user experience.

Screen – Android Wear

Claims to Android Wear

Bright colorful screens – this, of course, great. But what happens to them when we go out on the street, getting under bright sunlight? They can not see anything, that’s what happens. Probably watch enclose palm from the sun to see the message, it is easier than the screen of the smartphone, but still such a need does not cause delight.

Pebble, again, uses E-ink-screen, both in electronic reader. In the sun, all the information on this screen is perfectly visible.

Moreover, unlike Wear-hours, no need to press buttons on the case or poke at the screen to see which elementary hour. E-ink-screen battery spends only changing the image, allowing it to be always active.

Whether to abandon it for the sake of bright colors and touch control? Perhaps.


Claims to Android Wear

To interact hours on Android Wear with a smartphone, the last to be Android 4.3 or higher. In other words, Android Wear not work with iOS-devices.

A Pebble – work. And while no iWatch flashes on the horizon, they may continue to be an option for a considerable number of users of devices from Apple.

But – Android Wear

Claims to Android Wear

Nevertheless, the power of Google has not been canceled. Over the past year, in between the Google I / O 2013 and 2014, the company paid developers about $ 5 billion. With the release of SDK for Android Wear they have yet another field of activity, and they will not hesitate to use it. Compete with that of the Pebble-enthusiasts community, however widely it may be, hardly can.

Marketing power again on the side of the major manufacturers. Pebble have to order online and wait and watch from LG and Samsung will be ubiquitous in electronics stores, not to mention the advertising budgets of some manufacturers.

In short, the leader Pebble is, perhaps, not be. However, if we ignore these facts aside, they still seem to me more interesting solution. What do you think about claims to Android Wear?

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