[App Store + HD] Shadow Vamp – Immortal and miserable

Vampires – the amazing creatures that combine unlimited power and hopeless insecurity. They are able to live forever, endowed with great physical strength and are able to fly, but at the same time, the slaves of insatiable hunger, fear of sunlight, holy water, and other religious symbols. It is these mythological creatures seemed so interesting for the developers of the company Gamesmold, it was decided to create a game Shadow Vamp with interesting and original gameplay. How successful were met its objectives, only judge you.

Too many games involving vampires are based on supernatural powers of these creatures. In them we are immortal all-powerful figure who is not endowed with a sense of humility and love at every opportunity to manifest their moral and physical superiority over others. In this game all the way around – gets under our management is probably the most pathetic and harmless vampire who has to literally drag my existence on this earth, and then dodging the relentless sun of May. game takes place on small islands floating in the air, which are a kind of small settlements with houses, vegetation and other structures, as well as part-time and game stages. The main character – being very busy, so he is in the afternoon and then to sneak from one side to the other settlements, with all the forces trying not to fall into the light of God. In the shadow of the vampire feels more than comfortable, so the route is necessary to lay it on the dark spots.

But it is not always possible to stay in the background, and due to this game mechanic is born. In addition to controlling the movements of the vampire, we also need to rotate around its own axis floating island, thereby changing its position relative to the sun. Sometimes we will meet very open areas, which will always be exposed to the light, regardless of the location of the sun. In such cases, you must be smart and look for various items that will be for us a kind of shield from direct sunlight, be it a truck or a variety of large round stones.

Gameplay Shadow Vamp is a truly original, personally in my life there was a similar gaming experience. However, there is always a downside: In this game, they were in the form of visual frankly weak implementation. If the developers have given this issue a lot more attention, the game would not be the price. And now that we have to use what they have for a modest 33 rubles.

Title: Shadow Vamp
Publisher / Developer: Thomas Wagner
Price: 33 rubles.
Built buying: there are
Download for iPhone / iPad

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