Android-smartphone with fingerprint scanners will be in six months

Apple has been a pioneer in the mobile industry, setting fingerprint sensor Touch ID to the new iPhone 5s. By setting the trend, the company is reaping the fruits of their labor, and manufacturers Android-devices that focus on the “fruit” of the corporation, is actively working on similar innovations in their smartphones.

Despite the fact that the Touch ID is far from perfect, it allows you to instantly unlock the device and make purchases without entering a password, thereby saving valuable time. After the announcement of iPhone 5s, many predicted the invasion of mobile devices equipped with fingerprint scanners. It seems that soon the word analysts are backed by actions of manufacturers.

Today, representatives of FIDO Alliance said that phones running Android with built-in fingerprint reader will be introduced to the market in the next six months. This organization includes 48 companies, among them and Google. Community is developing a universal system of data protection, which could offer a variety of authentication methods. A data protection smartphone owners is the primary concern of the community.

The company president, Michael Barrett, said that developed FIDO fingerprint scanners will see the light, perhaps as early as the beginning of 2014. He did not specify what the first manufacturers to take these developments into account, but most likely it will be Lenovo and LG.

President of FIDO Alliance hopes that in the near future to join the alliance and Apple. However, this is unlikely – the company still avoid “second-class” manufacturers.

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