A twenty smartphone more powerful iPhone

Since 2013, has delivered more than fifty billion devices based on processors ARM. 10 billion of them – only the last in 2013. Many of these chips are used in smart phones and tablets, but find ARM-processor may be in either hardware, including servers, laptops and smart hours. Therefore ARM best know in which direction the flow technology. And they go to the side of a twenty smartphones.

The event Tech Day, ARM announced a little interesting statistical information on the nearest future mobile technologies and their further development. The graph published AnandTech, readers can see that the main flow of supplies of mobile devices is increasingly shifting toward inexpensive models costing less than $ 150 (shown in blue) from the middle of devices (purple) and premium, which price higher than U.S. $ 450 (green) classes. On the chart shipments indicated in millions of devices and reflects supply for 2013 and forecasts for 2015 and supplies 2018.

ARM technology is actually brought up innovative mobile devices. It makes mobile computers accessible to many. And they will provide 4 billion bond inhabitants of our planet, which deprived her while.

According to forecasts of ARM, 2018 entry-level smartphones tripled sales figures surpass the premium model of “smart” phones. Moreover, cheap phones will drop again, will soon be available smartphones costs $ 20. In ARM believe that they do not allow even cheaper production costs.

A twenty smartphones – this is not just a fantasy, and the impending reality. In ARM state that the first such device to hit the market in the coming months. Below you can see a tendency to reduce the cost of smartphones based on the Cortex A5. We are talking about devices that support relatively outdated network 2,5 G.

At the MWC 2013 Lenovo offers this phone for $ 60. In October 2013 a similar smartphone – the truth “noneym” – can be purchased for U.S. $ 35. Currently the price of 28 to 33 U.S. dollars. By reducing the RAM requirements Firefox OS allows them to reduce the price to 25 dollars. And in the next few months, the price drops further and reach U.S. $ 20. At least it should be presented from ARM forecast published AnandTech.

In developing countries, smartphones are sometimes for many basic computers. And there will be a twenty smartphones are very welcome.

As the manufacturers of processors now make conditions allow the $ 20 smartphone based on single-core Cortex A5. AnandTech emphasizes that Cortex A5 chip runs faster processor of the first iPhone, which was introduced in 2007 and cost U.S. $ 599.

A company in the meantime seek opportunities to reduce prices on premium models to three hundred U.S. dollars. An example would be OnePlus with all its features. A May 13, 2014 Motorola is going to introduce the device «priced for all» («the price of which is available to all.”) According to rumors, this phone will be the Moto E, ultra-cheap device costs about $ 50. Former CEO Dennis Woodside hinted at such a possibility in January 2014:

For most people in the world U.S. $ 179 – it’s a lot of money, and this suggests the existence of a huge market for the devices, price is less than 179 U.S. dollars. We are going to consider this valuable opportunity and overarching. I mean, why there are no devices for $ 50? There is no reason that they are not there and we’re gonna do.

If Motorola will be able to offer the world a decent Android-powered phone for $ 50, this is an important step in the direction of 20-dollar phone from famous brand, which will appear in a year or two. And it will be a big step toward ensuring that every person in the world was connected.

But it figures, forecasts and analysis, and marketing. As is always the case, there is a certain situation. First smartphones were expensive and prestigious “toys” for the few. They were allowed to stand in long lines, only to be among the first buyers. However, it was not only in price. Many were just not quite clear what to do with this device. Why is it needed if there is a computer? Then the number of users has started to grow and the company began to offer a more affordable device. And users, meanwhile, figured out that access to the Internet in your pocket – quite a handy thing. And now, it seems, it is time to become a regular smartphone and fairly inexpensive thing. All this way just recently did a regular phone.

Another issue is that instead of a fashionable toy always comes another. Which device to play this role in the future? What do you think? Smart hours? Smart TVs? Or engineering idea develop something completely new and unheard of before?

And who will create the next hit of high-tech fashion? Will the company Apple, as has happened more than once? Or this time things will be different?

And the third is an interesting question: when did this happen? How soon will have a new “toy”, which will replace smartphones and tablets of high-tech news headlines, leaving behind them the same modest role now play MP3-players? Yes, they still exist and they even have some demand, but how many of them say today?

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