Nikon recognized the failure in the segment “DSLR camera”

One of the fastest growing market segment of the cameras is to recognize the “mirrorless” cameras with interchangeable lenses. Surprisingly, the company Nikon, always being the best player of the industry, in its latest financial report said lower sales of its “mirrorless” cameras in the U.S. and Europe.

Head of Nikon Imaging Yasuyuki Okamoto (Yasuyuki Okamoto) argues that in these regions the ratio of “DSLR camera” and the traditional DSLR and does not change.

But in Asia, the popularity of compact cameras with interchangeable lenses is increasing rapidly, as the women here love the small size devices. In Nikon DSLR-segment remains the favorite, but how to transfer that success to the small camera, it seems, is not yet known.

Due to the failure of the system Nikon 1 company plans to revise its financial outlook for the current year downwards, and consider possible changes to their product lines.

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