As developers GTA 5 users see iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

In September, started selling video game Grand Theft Auto V with a budget of $ 266 million It is a record for the games. However, even Hollywood movies can envy: the budget GTA 5 – more than the “Avatar” by James Cameron. Sales new part of the blockbuster game broke all records: the first three days since the release of earnings exceeded the amount of one billion dollars.

GTA first came on the market in 1997, so the release of a new version – in a sense, a cultural event. Especially because Rockstar Games, the developers of the GTA Scotland, are considered social satirists of our time. Satire is primarily focused on the American way of life and values ​​of American society. Many games produced by Rockstar Games, periodically debate topical issues in the political, social, economic.

Role models, they form – as objects of satire, triturated false values ​​of the Western way of life. In the game and then there are reality shows, magazines about the stars and show business, pop psychology books, social media, and advertising of cosmetic surgery. In addition, the authors draw attention to such complex issues as corruption, the trap of patriotism, corruption intelligence. The authors do not justify the enthusiasm and total video games – gamers are also subject to criticism and ridicule.

In Rockstar Games did not ignore such a feature of modern society, as the fascination with all sorts of gadgets. The iconic Apple smartphone appears in the game under the pseudonym iFruit, is a symbol of status and wealth in the cruel world of Los Santos. Beat developers and stereotypes about the users of other popular mobile platforms Android and Windows Phone.

In GTA 5 office operates the giant social network Lifeinvader (literally: the absorber / invader life). Lifeinvader – a satire on Facebook, Apple and Google right away, writes The Guardian. In the video game social network staff wears cargo pants, consume dairy products without lactose and literally praying for the CEO.

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