BMW has taught iPhone to record telemetry on the racetrack

BMW has released a new application that allows drivers to examine their manner of driving on race tracks. The utility is called BMW M Laptimer and is available exclusively on the mobile platform, Apple, reports Motor.

The application works in conjunction with Service BMW Apps, set in a multimedia complex iDrive, and car navigation systems. The software records all the information about the passage of the race track, including the trajectory, the degree of pressing the gas pedal and the speed at each of the corners, the number of laps and time, as well as the ambient temperature at the time of check-in.

In addition, the driver will be able to find out the extent of the brake pedal and steering wheel angle for each particular part of the track, an engine revs, fuel supply and is overloaded. In this case, all the results can be compared with data from other drivers or post them on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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