Path of Exile – for those who like harder

Do you know what can make a dedicated team for seven years? Game, against which Diablo III will look like a silly joke. It is a game Path of Exile.

“Free action / RPG / MMO» – nowadays it is almost a sentence because the audience is a strong bond between the above formula with low quality Korean grindilki with depressing microtransactions in which it is impossible to move a step without paying a dollar or pre. That is why recently got rid of the prefix «beta» Path of Exile from the New Zealand Grinding Gear Games is truly a unique phenomenon.

Like any high-quality action / RPG, Path of Exile just had to be developed with an eye to the permanent leader and unquestioning king of the genre. Here are just a Grinding Gear Games understand one simple thing that the creators of the majority of template «Diablo-killer” Ever wonder – is not enough to copy Diablo, without raisins your project broke. Even the gift.

However, the first few minutes with the game does not bode well. Beginning as a part of the story and, in general, New Zealanders frankly merged. Choose between six classes initially available (another will open after the passage), where absolutely no revelations, and it all comes down to the scheme of the warrior / mage / archer and their derivatives, determined with the league, read the level of difficulty, and more … The hero, having survived a shipwreck, finds himself on the shore of the land of others (well, as much as possible already, eh?) surrounded by the walking dead. Immediately nearby is a fortified camp, in other words, point of delivery quests and receiving packs of mobs showered with waste materials. Timid attempts to get clear answers to three main questions: “Who?”, “Where?” And “Why?” Success, alas, is not crowned. Stories of non-player characters is very steep, vague and, most importantly, quite boring, so I have to forget about the global scene and go to solve more pressing problems – to find supplies for the camp, the necromancer to calm, to resolve the issue with the sirens, to deal with the bandits, find a way into the next act eventually.

Then it all goes off the beaten track – the monsters are killed, going first, good-for-nothing, armor and weapons in general do not portend disaster. Exactly to the moment, as the character gains a new level and you open your skill tree. After that, you may receive the strong desire to close the game and never it does not run. The thing is that at first glance an unwieldy and confusing system of talent developers assembled in Final Fantasy X, and there are hundreds of skills. But, as in the case of the Sphere Grid, after a close acquaintance you know that before you a very flexible and easy-to-use system of character development and all that is in role-playing system and is the highlight of the game.

With the basic characteristics in the Path of Exile’s simple. It is the strength, agility and intelligence, and they go up automatically to give a level. But the skills are divided into passive and active. Passive – the same talent tree, and here, too, everything is familiar, the character gets one skill point per level. But the situation is more complex with active because they contain precious stones to be forged into gear and that, among other things, have their own levels and pumped with use. Moreover, the slots in the objects are often associated with each other that allows you to combine skill. So, in a few clicks, the usual blow to the area begins, for example, beat opponents with lightning, and at the same time restore the character’s life.

And in the game, there are about a dozen agents that allow modify the found objects, change their quality, rarity increase, add, or change their characteristics, or the color of jacks, communication between terminals and so on. In other words, opportunities to create a unique character Path of Exile will give odds to anyone. But the character is a character, and with the gameplay, what?

On the gameplay is all right if you’re a fan dungeon crawl. The scheme was simple – get a job, exit out of the city, kill monsters, get loot and periodically return to the seller to shake off the collected good. Upon meeting one-on-one with the player monsters completely exposed, so they prefer to go huddling in the pack, which is usually at the center of a particularly strong representative of the local fauna, granting wards some nasty freezing property like bumps, Magic Resistance, and so on. Bosses are rare, but memorable part runs from the town to the place of the untimely death of your character.

Another distinctive feature of the game – a complete lack of money. In Grinding Gear Games have decided to build a pure grinding loot into an absolute, making things local currency. Found swag you give the seller for the previously mentioned reagents for modifying objects, the same reagents used for purchases of equipment required. Interestingly arrived with bottles of life and mana. Now you find an empty container, which is automatically updated after killing a certain number of enemies.

Many call the Path of Exile «correct Diablo» and even after a brief acquaintance with the game are difficult to disagree, because it looks like a real Diablo much more than that in 2012 released the Blizzard, proudly are numbered 3. Path of Exile is a dark, brutal, bloody and not very friendly to newcomers game. And looking at the location it is clear from the ears grow – plains, forests, and destroyed cities reminiscent of the Diablo II, and dark dungeons and catacombs recall the eerie atmosphere of the first part and that’s fine.

Unfortunately, Path of Exile is not ideal. Besides the problems with the plot, which could have been and gone through, it is clear that the status of the beta game will deliver only formally and developers have much to do, because at this stage a lot of things in the game exists without a specific purpose, as PvP or the ability to combine in the guild. On the other hand, Grinding Gear Games and did not stop there, adding new content to the game and arranging original marathons on pumping with specified conditions, lasting from a couple of tens of minutes to a few weeks.

In exchange for the same, oddly enough, do not ask for anything. Game can be completed without paying a penny and without feeling any discomfort, as most micro-transactions can buy purely cosmetic improvements – pets, unique skins for weapons and armor, new animation. With a strong desire to spend money on, you can only additional cells to the repository if you do not have to miss four base and gildiyskoe repository, but the amounts are humane – from two to twenty dollars.

In short, all those who accused the Diablo III in a cartoon, the combat system is primitive and general okazualivaniya series, you can safely leave the Sanctuary behind and move to Reyklast, you’ll like it here.

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