Neverwinter – more action, than MMO

Lively and dynamic mix of action, multiplayer games and designer jobs, so you can briefly describe the MMORPG Neverwinter. However, some drawbacks.

Neverwinter – quite extraordinary MMORPG. To take at least that part of MMO-here reduced almost to a minimum, and she professes principles desktop version of Dungeons & Dragons and often very similar to the single-player game. There is no open world, hundreds of characters fighting for quest monsters and raid content for groups of forty people. Instead, you offer to do performing topical tasks in relatively small zones, and to participate in the script or the descent into the cave just need a group of five people.

Free original combat system further enhances the similarity with Neverwinter single-user role-playing games and, frankly, is the biggest advantage of this project, it is advantageous to distinguish it from most competitors. Instead order podnadoevshego cyclic use skills and avtoudarov the chosen enemy in Neverwinter player will be more active, manually blocking and dodging enemy attacks, avoiding the frequent attacks on the area, managing to strike back at intervals attacks or heal allies. Most part of this Neverwinter recalls battles in Dragon Age II and similar games, but without pause.

Designer characters is pretty good, but the results of his work eventually nullified monotony armor sets. Equal level and belong to the same race one class characters look identical. Incidentally, at this point in the game eight races and classes six. Role-playing game system itself is an adapted version of the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons and deal with it will not be difficult, since hardly fans of RPG, there are those who have not previously encountered with D & D in a particular embodiment. But the small amount involved at first surprising skill buttons. In fact, the player will have to operate two types of normal attacks, three skills working on a system of kickbacks, two special class abilities tied to the Tab and Shift, and two more “everyday” that are active in the recruitment of the right amount of action points. Complete the picture of passive class features. In this case the player can at any time to rebuild kit used skills, based on immediate needs.

Focus on the story quests affected unit of the game world, it is divided into a Neverwinter closed instant-location in which you make a sortie from the capital. Forgotten Realms fans waiting is not the most pleasant discovery – Neverwinter quite freely interprets the famous story of the universe and somewhat out of the picture. However, to enjoy the game it does not disturb you. Unfortunately, despite the fact that often come across interesting mission, most monotonous tasks can be reduced to collecting quest items and killing a certain number of monsters. Yes, and storytelling itself has little to offer to the player who saw the Guild Wars 2 or Star Wars: The Old Republic .

Neverwinter rescue fast and dynamic combat and, in fact, free project. And the players get access to all the existing content and the time did not feel any discomfort in connection with the status of “freeloader”. They do not hamper in the media, do not limit the possibility of communication, not block access to the auction and do not write in a hurry “elves second grade.” However, a couple of dozen levels developers start subtly hint – to take advantage of the following features you need to put more effort and dedicate the game a few extra hours. Do daily quests, dungeons start to visit more often, participate in PvP. But when will earn sufficient astral diamonds come, we raise the level of your companion or give here is a beautiful mount.

And local auction works exclusively on the astral diamonds. Live without it, of course, possible, but sometimes there is rare and useful products.

It would seem nothing special, in all MMO users make “grind”, extracting the local currency, but Cryptic too overdone. The fact that you can not get astral diamonds just for everyday activities will reward you with astral diamonds that need to facet and turned into diamonds. A number of diamonds that you can facet during the day is strictly limited, that will cause an appreciable disadvantage in later levels. Prices at auctions and traders simply gaming space, so if you decide to use the full gaming experience, will either have to pay a lot of time Neverwinter or shell. Pay, incidentally, also need a lot. Bag 24 cells, for example, will cost a little more than $ 10, and the average cost of driving an unusual animal is about $ 40

The game has companions that help the player in battle, healing his or passively lifting the value of certain features. In principle, their role and ends, communicate and build relationships with them, we are not allowed. But you can increase the level of satellites, sending them to independent missions that can take several hours. Level satellite affects the efficiency of his skills and even appearance.

The local crafts system with minimal changes in Neverwinter moved from Star Wars: The Old Republic. We also send artisans to gather the necessary ingredients or instruct make the desired object. Execution of the order may take from several minutes to several hours and, like so much else in the game can be accelerated by spending a certain amount of astral diamonds. Ingredients for making items, as well as other useful consumables, you can find yourself, or buy from dealers and auction.

PvP in the game is in its infancy and so far no particular interest, but the developers have already announced plans to release a supplement entirely devoted to this game mode.

Another distinctive feature of Neverwinter – this workshop, with which anyone can create their own jobs. Virtually every location you can find a special board advertisement or NPC, which will allow users to view the generated jobs and choose the one that will suit your taste. However, for these purposes it is better to use the Home menu, which allows you to quickly sort your custom job by popularity and quality, weed out the obvious junk. Furthermore, from this page conveniently take place in dungeons, scenarios and battles with other players.

Despite the fact that the European version of the game came out June 20, 2013,  recently released the second update for content Shadowmantle these versions synchronized with each other. Moreover, they now use a single client and to switch the language enough to change the game settings.

Perhaps in the current state of Neverwinter hardly able to claim the role of your main virtual house, but the game deserves to be at least you noticed it. Fortunately, it can be done for free.

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