Splinter Cell: Blacklist – a conspiracy against America


In light of the impending U.S. military action against Syria story Splinter Cell: Blacklist is either prescient, or provocative. Some terrorist group “Engineers” America puts an ultimatum – return home all the troops are on foreign soil, or to receive a series of major terrorist attacks in the United States itself, the same “black list”. And it looks like the terrorists are not joking.

In Splinter Cell: Blacklist surprisingly strong plot. The situation depicted in the game, as opposed to a series of stories unpretentious Call of Duty, looks frighteningly realistic, the characters are natural, and the dialogue alive. For the history and relationships of the members of the crew of “Palladin” just fun to watch. It’s funny, but the Tom Clancy no longer has anything to do with writing scripts, or to the development of video games, and novels based on their writing is not itself a venerable man of letters, and the “literary negros”, hiding behind pseudonyms. Tom Clancy’s – just an expensive brand name for a series of first person shooters and simulators, which are released today about three dozen.

Actually Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the sixth (seventh if you count the PSP-game Splinter Cell: Essentials) of the series, tells the story of a fighting way special agent Sam Fisher. After the events of Splinter Cell: Conviction “Third Echelon”, a secret organization that runs the agent Fischer, disbanded, and instead created “fourth tier.” After the first attack of the “Black List” Fisher receives from the U.S. president special powers, unique staff plane “Paladin” and picks up its own unit to fight the new threat.

Shepard – “Normandie” , the agent Carter – XCOM base , even the gangsters of Saints Row IV has its base than Sam Fisher worse. Equipment “Palladin” the envy and “Air Force One”. There is a powerful Computer-analysis system, hospital, armory, helicopter, combat drones and even a prison for captured terrorists. On the “Palladin” is planning missions, upgrade equipment and weapons, improved systems of the aircraft. Not only that, but here you can talk to the crew (no flirting, just work) and prisoners from access to additional jobs or start a multiplayer game. Perhaps, this is the game menu heaped we’ve seen.


After Splinter Cell: Conviction , which is not like the old fans of the series due to excessive bias in the military component and the almost complete lack of proper stealth, business card, Splinter Cell, a new game Ubisoft managed to find the perfect balance of action and stealth. In some episodes, you will have to fend off the advancing enemies in a fairly aggressive way, but in a couple of missions in the game all the time turns into a complete first-person shooter, without any gadgets and the possibility of using the shelters. In other kill anyone was strictly forbidden, and there will have to sneak in the shadows, hiding stunned guards put out light bulbs and use only non-lethal means. The benefit of the shortcomings are not available.


Mission alternate competently enough, so bored of the same type of gameplay will not succeed. Basically, the whole game can be completed without killing anyone, and some levels – not even stun them and without falling over his eyes. Level of difficulty (especially officer and veteran) has really become higher and in some missions is quite comparable with the original Splinter Cell. Conviction of a new series of murders went rapid system after tagging opponents, but now it can be used less frequently.


In general, Ubisoft perfectly balanced game. If you flushed through stealth component, getting the appropriate gear, then ask for it does not make sense, a couple of bullets will be enough to start all over again. If you prefer the active opposition, in most missions you will be allowed to wear heavy body armor, grenades and take the gun and more to break through. It is difficult, but possible. By and large developers Splinter Cell: Blacklist gave players the freedom to choose their own style of passage, which can be varied from mission to mission.


The core gameplay is organically woven into the optional co-operative missions for two. One player acts as Fisher, the second controls the agent Briggs. A couple of the team must either remove all enemies (possibly loud or quiet version of the passage), or perform a task without raising the alarm. The second option is very simple, and when the partner makes a mistake in two steps before the final mission, the air becomes too hot. 


Network mode “Spies vs. Mercenaries”, disappeared from the series after Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, seems borrowed some elements from the multiplayer part of the Assassin’s Creed II / III, knowingly Ubisoft Montreal now runs the Jade Raymond, the former producer of the multi-part saga about the assassin. Multiplayer game in the Splinter Cell: Blacklist asymmetrical. The team plays a spy in third person shooter with elements of action / adventure, a team of mercenaries – in the first-person shooter. The purpose of the first – hack terminals and hide near them until all data has been transmitted. Second task – to protect the terminals, find and destroy the hackers, if the device is broken. Spies can use gadgets and see through walls, heavily armored mercenaries and join with them in open battle stupid. But the spies are able to kill enemies with a single punch after jumping from the top or crept back, in addition they own parkour. In the end, all this is somewhat similar to Assassin’s Creed III , but something on Aliens vs Predator, where spies act as strangers, but as mercenaries kosmopehoty, especially since the latter is the canonical and the motion sensor of the “Aliens”. Multiplayer Splinter Cell: Blacklist worthy, sorry that the web is not so much wanting to participate in it.


Despite the use of fairly old version of Unreal Engine 2.5, modified to Ubisoft, the game looks surprisingly good. Traditionally, particularly authors failed to work with lighting, but also animation, and physics, and the effects are quite on the level. If you look at the screenshots, you can see that some models of weapons lack of polygons, but during the game does not feel any discomfort – looks like Splinter Cell: Blacklist fine. 


Ubisoft as always serious attention to the development of the game brand. Along with Splinter Cell: Blacklist went bad game companion Splinter Cell Blacklist Spider-Bot for iOS, where you can discover some of the gadgets and earn money for the main game. In the collector’s edition came flying radio-controlled model of the “Palladin”. Certainly the work of a pair of DLC and a book on the game. Like the movie Splinter Cell and Tom Hardy in the title role. Respectable global approach.

If you’re after Conviction Splinter Cell series written off from the accounts, it’s time to change your mind. Splinter Cell: Blacklist series returns to the roots and does it very naturally by combining several types of gameplay. We have before us clearly the best stealth / action the last few years. Do not miss out.

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