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Before Dark Sector has turned into a weird nonsense about special agent with metal arms and shuriken, boomerang, the game was planned as a cool space with stealth ninja in Nanosuit. Why the concept has been so radically changed is not known, but it’s nice that they did not bury Digital Extreme original operating time, and still use them when creating Warframe – cooperative third-person shooter, with the Free-to-Play and Catania.

Players assume the role of Warframe Tenno – mysterious warriors from the past who have lost their memory after many years in the cold chamber. Only Tenno might have their own costumes, the same Warframe. On the other side of the empire zahirevshih continuous cloning and so-clad soldier exoskeletons Grineer, Corpus trading corporation and a strange space virus that generates a zombie mutants.

Warframe played as a mixture of Left 4 Dead 2 and multiplayer Mass Effect 3 – a detachment of four players must land at a specified location, complete the task and reach the extraction point. Among the tasks of rescue and escort the hostages, sabotage, intelligence, defense facilities – only about ten species. Decorations are the same type, but the monotony is logical, because most of the time Tenno spend on military space stations, ground military bases and various research complexes. This may explain the similarity of the model construction and architectural plans. What a banal copy-paste, then really there to hide. Two identical levels, of course, does not find, but occasionally there is a sense of deja vu.

Each of the suits, which are currently fourteen, has its own special and unique skills. Someone knows how to disappear or to poison the enemy poison someone specializes in traps or, for example, subordination of reason enemy. There are your tanks, support units, melee or ranged attack. And the weapons and costumes are getting new levels during use, allowing you to equip them with the modules, thus improving performance or acquiring new skills. A worthy alternative to the bored trees skills.

The modules themselves as resources to create new items are in the process of the mission, so be prepared for the inevitable pereprohozhdeniya multiple tasks. Do not want to waste time on it? Take out your credit card. Despite the fact that the Free-to-Play in Warframe quite soft, it is sometimes too intrusive. No, you can fully play the game without spending a penny, but in this case the reserved by patience – quickly get, say, a new Warframe not work. First you need to save money to the drawings, and then spend a few evenings to gather the necessary resources and, most sadly, the components, the drop rate are not entirely clear. Moreover, apart from the costume would have to try a new weapon … And get this all you want now, not ever in three weeks. If you’re lucky.

Battles in Warframe clearly failed. The combat system is simple and convenient, each player is armed with two kinds of firearms and one cold, plus a set of skills, depending on the modules installed. Themselves fighting incredibly spectacular. General picture – one of the strengths of the game in Digital Extreme obviously know how to work with special effects. Troop leisurely sneaks down the dark corridor, hacking terminals, eliminating the surveillance camera, when suddenly the intercom alerts – get noticed, and the computer starts the brightest light show this year. Something explodes, blinding for a few seconds, do not have time to go sight as sweeps past the Ember distracting and blinding fireballs again. Ash comes out of nowhere, causing enemy soldiers a few quick punches to the back and disappears again. Excalibur intercepts katana and cut one into a crowd of enemies, nasevshih a powerful tank Rhino. At such moments Warframe gorgeous.

But now the battle is over and it becomes boring. Whatever it was, monotonous environment has an effect, the card is not too informative and in large areas can sometimes get lost. Added to Warframe mini-games to break into computers and elements of parkour is not too diversify running around the bellhop locations. In short, apart from fighting to entertain themselves in the game almost nothing.

But the main problem of the game is not even that. Warframe so far does not give tools for effective interaction between the players themselves. Rosters, chat, clan management interface – all this is done is not the best way. In appendage, Warframe filters play, depending on the delay and the geographical location, that sometimes has a negative impact on the search for mates. Yes, these settings can be changed manually, but that did not help much, so it is better to start to play with friends, so you can avoid a long search of players for the start of the mission. You can perform the mission and solos, but they are poorly balanced for singles and sustain such a hardcore can not everyone.

Warframe captivating dynamic, collecting and pumping modules costumes and even games with co-op for up to four people have recently not indulge, so some disadvantages can close your eyes.

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