Headphones reviews: Hear me

Headphones reviews: Hear me

Headphones reviews: Hear me

Today we test six pairs of the coolest Headphones that will delight you on the road sound of your favorite music or movie

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Sometimes we need something very simple and functional. For such cases are Audio-Technica ATH-M50x: simple, portable headphones with excellent sound. Their cups simple design (only silver ring and logo) and virtually no frills; it is more convenient tool than a fashion accessory – and that is wonderful.

High-grade plastic can withstand considerable loads. The cups can be rotated 180 degrees and folded inwards. It is a pity that the cable is not equipped with an integrated remote control and microphone.

These headphones are very pleasant in the case. Textural voices and instruments are placed precisely on the abolition of organized music scene; sound captures the listener.

However, they are not perfect: the sound a bit lacking dynamic power, and RF sin lack of cleanliness. But if you need a pair of portable overhead headphones with a pleasant and warm sound in this price category Audio-Technica ATH-M50x will be a good option.

  • Price: $ 200
  • Rating: 4
  • PROS: Highly detailed; division; lively and warm sound
  • CONS: lacking clarity and dynamic power
  • VERDICT: A successful attempt to Audio-Technica; very good overhead headphones

Focal Spirit One S

If you look at page Spirit One S, you can find a lot of references to the “digital nomad”. Do not worry, Focal does not grow its own army-audiophile travelers; it’s just poorly translated a protocol of intent, where the company has reported how good it sounds out.

Headphones reviews: Hear me

So nomads note: Focal headphones are light enough to wear them everywhere with you. Despite this, they are very durable. Their cups limited possibility of rotation and folding, which is why they are less compact than desirable. The set includes a cloth bag and hard case.

Focal sound in a very easy and pleasant. Neutral tonal balance does not lead to emphasizing the individual subbands. Drive and impeccable rhythm of the music is saturated with energy.

We would like greater clarity and expressiveness, especially in the field of HF – they seem to be too restrained. Focal bit lacking power. We like their soft sound, but sometimes the character Spirit One S is too relaxed.

  • Price: $ 240
  • Rating: 4
  • PROS: The soft sound; detail and rhythm
  • CONS: lacking enthusiasm; cheaper materials
  • VERDICT: A very good and quite nice, but not the most energetic headphones

Grado SR125e

When it comes to Grado, some things never change. They have to make such as it is. Much of what I want to say about Grado SR125e, we have said many times, but have to be repeated. For the purchase of this model, you are unlikely to inspire its design: it is most similar to the headphones for VHF radio 1950.

Headphones reviews: Hear me

They are stronger than they appear at first sight; rotating cups with removable foam ear pads fitted with terminals and connected by a thin strip of artificial leather.

Soundproofing SR125e also not be an incentive to purchase; on the contrary, Grado headphones can be called a standard open sound. Do not take them with you on the bus – they should enjoy at home and alone. They have amazingly detailed and textured sound, only the volume due to the open design, with a wide music scene.

Grado delight energetic and lively rhythms; for that price you get a very detailed, accurate and musical sound.

  • Price: $ 130
  • Rating: 5
  • PROS: The volume, depth, rhythmic sound; comfortable
  • CONS: The unusual appearance, the sound comes out
  • VERDICT: Grado Headphones are great – just do not let them out of the house

Philips Fidelio M1MKII

As the name implies, this is the second version of the Philips Fidelio M1. Externally, both versions look almost identical, but it’s not so bad – M1 were very nice.

Headphones reviews: Hear me

In MKII easy, but a solid foundation of metal and leather. Foam ear pads with memory fit snugly inside your ear, providing a passive sound isolation. Among the features of the new model – lightweight voice coils, extended treble and more finely tuned bass. If the exterior has remained almost unchanged, the sound became much better.

Highly detailed accompanied by increased surround sound – a more accurate and clear. In Fidelio very nice, energetic sound with powerful dynamics and high rhythm. Weighty bass become more resilient and well-rounded.

RF served gently and naturally, the voice is enough space to breathe. If you are looking for excellent portable headphones are not more than $ 200 – you find them.

  • Price: $ 170
  • Rating: 5
  • PROS: The soft sound; weighty bass; comfortable; nice design
  • Cons: For this price – nothing
  • VERDICT: Excellent headphones for its price category; in MKII has everything we expect from them

Samsung Level-On

If you think about the headphones, the brand Samsung hardly comes to mind. The company is trying to change that. Model Level-In did not produce the desired effect; Will this Level-On? Unfortunately, no. The sound quality is decidedly not match the price. They do not have specific deficiencies, but also significant advantages not.

Headphones reviews: Hear me

Tools are not as picky as competitors. Sounding Level-On is different mobility, volume and resolution. In particular, the impact on the drums lack of elasticity. On top of all, these headphones are designed primarily for smartphones Samsung Galaxy – with other devices of their controls do not work.

Not to mention the high quality of workmanship, comfort and collapsible design and cover with zipper. However, our second meeting with the ruler Samsung Level disappoint us again. With all their advantages, for this price we can expect a better sound.

  • Price: $ 125
  • Rating: 2
  • PROS: Sturdy construction; comfortable
  • CONS: Not the most exciting, clean and dynamic sound; price; Remote works only with models Samsung Galaxy
  • VERDICT: a disappointment

Sennheiser Urbanite

In recent years, the headphones have become more pretentious. Model Urbanite owner promises “urban style in motion.”

Headphones reviews: Hear me

Wide metal headband covered with cloth seats and rubbery plastic. The remainder of the plastic cups and painted with metallic paint. Cup folded in a flat cable is not twisted. Workmanship is generally high.

Sennheiser sound very energetic, mainly due to significantly accentuated bass. At the same time heavy bass perfectly worked out; buying bass line in the song Lord is served very elastic. The sound is very clear and specific; detail is high, but not too natural. The average range is less expressive than I would like; votes – enough articulate, sophisticated and straightforward.

  • Price: $ 170
  • Rating: 4
  • PROS: The strong, clear bass; workmanship; stylish
  • CONS: lacks an open and expressive midrange, sophistication and rhythmic accuracy
  • VERDICT: bright style, loud sound, but not perfect

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