Touch screens in Mac: readiness one

Touch screens, especially in the context of the popularity of iPhone and iPad, have radically changed the way of interacting with technologies and services. Children try to click on the TV screen and wonder, “Why is it broken?” Ordinary touchtone telephones puzzling, new car models is impossible to imagine without complex settings, based on the touch screen. It turns out that computers with a keyboard, mouse or trackpad – dead end, disappearing forever?

If you wait for lengthy reflection listing the technological characteristics, methods of implementation, the facts of history or personal experience – they will not. Everyone has an idea of ​​how it works – just show me a man who does not know about the iPhone or iPad. There is another problem – very interesting to us how long the Mac in its current state, without touch screens and technologies based on this decision? Question can be formulated differently: “how much consumers are willing to change?”

So let’s talk about cars. Steve Jobs liked to drop in for a visit to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher to talk about this and that, to discuss the past, to exchange a few sentences about the future. Of course, then nuggets cautious statements Jobs instantly understood atoms with the aim to learn something about the future of Apple. The conference D8 All Things Digital Wall Street Journal reporters had raised the issue regarding the upcoming “era of post-PC”. CEO Apple started talking about cars:

When we were an agrarian nation, all cars were cargo, because they were with what everyone needed. Familiar to us cars have become popular since the city began to grow, and things like power steering and automatic transmission became popular. PC will be like trucks – they are not going anywhere, but only some will need them.

Better comparison to illustrate the situation with the subject of our conversation to be found. The fact is that for the average user, at least once tasted simplicity iPad, buttons and mouse instantly cease to exist. The main task – the consumption of content for such activities keyboard is perceived as an atavism, interfering point the finger at what is required. The principle of control and interaction with the device, and through him and consumed information is simplified to the limit. Modern child does not need to be taught to use the iPad, and learn to use the computer have to – yet another example of the coming era of “post-PC”. Even communication with elderly parents via Skype or FaceTime no longer causes many negative emotions, I hope you understand what I mean.

The meaning of these reflections is this: take some new technology, some – not. While you’re young, everything seems simple, have a craving for novelties, there is a desire to change something. Older people do not want to change anything: habits affect the principle of “work – do not touch”, a simple unwillingness to understand the unusual things in our case – in devices.

Mussiruemye some media rumors about a 12 – or 13-inch iPad that panel high definition already given them into production, taking into account the fact that the form factor of the MacBook has not changed for several years, said that the changes will . It is impossible not to notice the convergence OS X and iOS, take at least is ready to touch in Launchpad Mavericks. Devices such as smart phones or tablet computers, consumers turned to the approach way of handling devices is turned upside down in a mere five or seven years. Preparation process is completed, the case for small – for engineers, designers and manufacturers, we can only wait. And here is how it will look and how to be called – «MacPad», may, «iPad Pro» or otherwise – nobody knows.

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