How to Survive: Survival for “Dummies”

Humanity is being trained to a zombie apocalypse! How else to explain the emergence of so many simulators survival in a world inhabited by zombies – Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide , The Last of Us , State of Decay and, of course, DayZ , which the authors still can not bring to the status of a separate game. In EKO Software also decided to participate in the training, presenting How to Survive – survival simulator with a view from the top.

In fact, How to Survive – is the result of an unequal marriage between Dead Island Riptide and Crimsonland. From the first game went to a tropical island inhabited by zombies, on the second – the combat system “step back and shoot” and the view from the top. Another element to the survival of the system, a bit like one of the first, and very unsuccessful games of the same Polish Techland – Survival: The Ultimate Challenge . Strangely, like EKO Software French company.

In words idea sounds great. Does your character have needs for food, water and rest, and if you do not want to fall in the middle of a crowd of zombies without power, is to listen to your body. Search for edible roots and fruits, carry a bottle of water and be sure to find a secluded, free of zombies place to sleep.

In fact, everything is very simple. Wells and shelter marked on the map, and the food just lying around underfoot, so messing around with a fishing rod, hunt deer and wild boar, which is not so harmless, and then look for a fire to roast meat – do not have to. Bleed the parameters reduce the feeling of hunger, thirst and the need for sleep can even dispense some exotic fruits, especially since one of them completely removes lethargy.

Speaking of sleep. On the islands, and a few of them here, there kindly prepared by an expert in survival Kovac, who will from time to time to help you, asylum. When you open them always included siren, attracting zombies, so not only will the crowd and climb out of the dead supposedly securely closed asylum. While not shoot all – lock the door and do not give enough sleep.

At night on the island and there are more aggressive creatures. Quick, hidden, they are not standing still, and search for survivors themselves – is to blind them to drive away a torch or lantern, almost like the Do not Starve.

Location on the islands of so many of the living dead was explained to us in detail back in World War Z (not in a weird perehvalennom the film, and really a very good book, in which he removed), but that’s why so many of them exploding from getting fat men and soldiers in flak jackets and helmets, as well as clear. As well as how much the monsters respawn just behind you. It is clear that roam the empty island would not be so interesting, but still.

One of the interesting things about How to Survive – is the collection of weapons from a hand-rail funds. Having found the drawings you can build a balanced bow, shotgun of scuba and snorkel, chainsaw and many other useful things. But arms can make armor out of the tires and metal plates, cut arrows, cook Comrade Molotov cocktails, etc. Each of the three characters set of weapons and abilities (yes, there is a role-playing system) is slightly different.

But here again, not without simplification. The handbook on survival necessarily teach you to pick your own arrows, and literally five minutes later you pick up a home-made pistol and cartridges (nuts and bolts) will fall out of the endless stream of undead. In short, a lack of resources there to think it is not necessary, it is not State of Decay . Those herbs and fruits have time to grow over night.

Actually shooting zombies, exploring the island, chatting with a few survivors would be interesting if all the missions are not undertaken in practice such monotonous boring. Coming to the point, killing all in its path, the boss of the dam, take the necessary components – a can of gasoline, rope, starter, battery, etc. etc. Come back and fight back. Repeat ten times on different islands.

Survival mode in this respect is fair. You start with your bare hands, but the character of the single-player game and need to get from one side of the island to the other, to the plane / boat, etc. Survive. By the way, there is also a cooperative mode for two people, only to find a partner is not easy.

In short, How to Survive a fun arcade game with zombies. To the level of survival simulator, it is clearly not up – too many simplifications and conventions here. You can look at it, but is that buying on sale Steam.

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