Batman: Arkham Origins – it will be a long night

Usually prequels do in the case where the story and characters develop in a constructive way is not possible, in other words – not a good life. So for the most part prequels secondary, it’s true. And in the case of Batman: Arkham Origins situation was alarming at all – instead of doing a prequel Rocksteady new studio, present a serious rotation voice actors and indeed the whole story with Batman in the beginning of his “career” looked like a big gamble.

Nice to see that Warner Bros. Games Montreal coped with the task – not to fall face in the dirt after a great Batman: Arkham City. Surpass creation Rocksteady Canadian developers have failed, but the bar managed to more or less hold. The plot is simple – in the two years that Bruce wears a suit bat-impostor hero managed to pull the plug on almost all the mafia families that previously ruled Gotham. However, the overall crime situation that fact had little effect, because the holy place is never empty and the place of the retired criminals immediately replaced by new, more dangerous and totally unpredictable. Which, of course, want to see Batman’s dead. Police also have not said the Dark Knight a good guy, so life is not too comfortable last.

Beginner Batman in Warner Bros. Games Montreal has definitely proved successful and we are not talking about the suit, more like a rank and file member of a special division of the usual equipment, complete with a funny mask and cloak. Bruce himself still does not constitute a experienced and steadfast fighter against crime, he is quick-tempered, it is relatively easy to put out of balance, it breaks down at Alfred, and in general his battle for the streets of Gotham City is more like a banal personal vendetta.

However, beginner or not, and gangster entourage Batman pretty pissed off, and that’s something the night before Christmas, Black Mask announced a reward of 50 million dollars to anyone who would bring him the morning of his head avenger. Decent money, so from those who was not lights – all flocked to Gotham supervillains who respect themselves, and it is with this motley fraternity (as well as the corrupt police) and have to deal with Mr. Wayne, occasionally distracted by the usual routine of a superhero – robbers, murderers and a variety of crazy city holidays are not taken.

Where to turn to, because Gotham has expanded its borders. Now the players are available in two areas, divided into 4 districts, for ease of movement between them in the game even came fast moving system. In this city looks much the same as before, the first time do think that he moved straight from the second part of the trilogy, it’s probably a good thing. Games scheme remains unchanged – there is a storyline that takes place in the self-enclosed locations and have an optional assignment with which Bruce faces flying over the city.

The plot of the game is fine, it’s probably the best there is in Batman: Arkham Origins, there are many unexpected (well, okay, it was expected, but we all pretend that shocked) turns and memorable scenes. Meeting Joker and Harley, for example, generally one of the most powerful moments in the series. At the same time, set slightly … bad. No, decorated for Christmas Gotham very atmospheric, but the main events that occur, if not in the next drainage, so at some factory. Or the police station, which is virtually indistinguishable from the courtroom. Or in the morgue, which looks like a weapon. And all of this together, with the exception of a couple of really cool locations for a monotonous and featureless. Even worse than the levels in Arkham Asylum, and to achieve this effect you had to try. Fights with bosses are remembered more, but none of the opponents of a serious threat to the hero is not. Private Group bandits, armed with firearms, defeat harder than any of the main bad guys.

With all the additional tasks exactly the opposite. Nice, beautiful, atmospheric city is, and interesting side missions on the fingers of one hand can be counted. Here Evdvard Nigma collected a pile of dirt on everyone and scattered it around town – Gather together, or tomorrow morning everything will fall into the news. Here Anarchy set bombs / Bain set the tank with the chemical / Penguin scattered boxes of weapons / someone else ponastavil something. Come on, Man Bat, act. And while you will fly from the box to the bomb and back – intervened, probably in the disassembly of gangsters and corrupt police officers among themselves, there they are on the streets of beating each other. How to intervene? Well, jump off the roof and was broken both conflicting parties, bring them a little bit of justice and goodness.

In this light, it is best to look like detective mission, but they also make it clear why such a situation in Gotham crime. The police did not bother to collect evidence and to investigate anything at all. Catches Bruce talks on police radio – murder at the intersection here and there, sent to the address, and then the body covered, and the clues are scattered liberally around one of the representatives of the authorities, all busy holidays. You have to include the detective vision, which allows to reconstruct what happened is not worse than in the CSI (and sometimes just ridiculous), examine the crime scene and search for suspects.

By the way of equipment, in Batman: Arkham Origins moved all your favorite gadgets and added a few new ones, and the range of all kinds of equipment Bet replenished not only with an increase in the level of Batman, but after beating one of the major enemies – Bruce does not hesitate to shoot with beaten to unconsciousness carcass opponent useful in the household stuff.

Despite the fact that some journalists say about tainted combat system, undertake to say that it has not changed. So far, in battle you can use as only two buttons – punch and counterpunch and diversify the melee combos and using gadgets. Anyway, the gameplay is done without any noticeable changes, which can be written as a project in the pros, because nothing is broken, and a disadvantage, because it’s all we’ve seen before.

The only notable difference from the previous games – is the presence of multiplayer, which were responsible for Splash Damage. True, he looks much more interesting in words than in deeds. Judge for yourself, what could be cooler mode in which the gang Joker and Bane fighting for supremacy on the map, while Bemten and Robin try to stop them? Moreover, each side has its own strengths and weaknesses, skills and sets of uniforms, and occasionally appear on the map supervillains. Genius … but only multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Origins almost does not work. There are four cards, one game mode, difficulties in finding mates, people flying out during the creation of the lobby, and as a result, one to one, Batman and the Joker thug three mercenary Bane, for example. Potentially very interesting mode that requires serious improvement.

The rest of the Batman: Arkham Origins this is the Batman we know and love, just a little bit worse. Slightly weaker than the scenery, much less the events, characters, secrets and fan-hour service on the old games and game mechanics with a minimum of innovation. This time we forgive, but the next part is clearly needed to cook something new.

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