Review of portable Bluetooth-column aiia SSSSSpeaker

Review of portable Bluetooth-column aiia SSSSSpeaker

Review of portable Bluetooth-column aiia SSSSSpeaker

Looking for a device that is emblazoned on the photo above, the fantasy begins to invent all kinds of scope – a cup, cap, toy, part of something, etc. In fact, we face a portable Bluetooth-column. However, quite unusual, one might even say the only one of its kind because it is made of silicone, and its shape can be changed. Who came up with such a miracle? Ukrainians, for which already receive the award in the international design competition iF DESIGN AWARDS in February 2015.

Immediately worth mentioning – the company produces exclusively aiia souvenirs and works only on the wholesale market B2B. The minimum order is 1,000 units and in the near future retail sales are planned. But the product is well worth that manufacturers pay attention to it and already under its own brand started selling in retail.

Scope of delivery – SSSSSpeaker

Packing in form and content is not as original as the column itself, but her unusual markings – a box of its kind is also instruction. On the bottom painted devices that can operate a boom box and the left is a nice Life hacking of which is capable of music – to reduce pain and alleviate depression. Inside, there is an inscription that a full charge lasts only an hour, and how changing the shape of the acoustic Souvenirs affect the sound. Ah yes, the box can also be found a short USB-charging cable.

Design controls

As already mentioned above, aiia SSSSSpeaker received the award in the category Audio / Video contest iF DESIGN AWARD. The latter happened for a reason because the design of the column, and indeed the whole concept of the original and fresh. At first glance view of surprises and little enters into a stupor – because of this we have not yet seen. The main part is made of plastic, on top of which there is a diode illuminated logo, which you are free to choose when ordering party. The very same silicone “cloak” is removable and rests on two latches, it is folded in both directions and has an ear for imparting stability to a flat surface or to listen in limbo.

Materials are selected well, there is no hint of cheapness, it is very common to see in low-cost Chinese portable speakers. Controls … one whole, but more is not necessary. A slider is responsible for turning on and off. When activated, SSSSSpeaker is available for all devices with Bluetooth and a woman’s voice from the speaker speaks loudly “BLUETOOTH”. If you have already been paired, the column will automatically connect to your device. Radius little more than five meters, at large distances begin to show some noise. Also on the case have Micro USB socket for charging.

Areas of use, ergonomics

I love all sorts of such portable audio gadgets because the music is constantly creating the rhythm of life and stresses the mood, and the headphones are not always relevant for some sessions. Received wireless speakers to the test, I immediately started thinking about its scope. It so happened that on the same night my wonderful bike-ally broke and I had to sort it – just at this moment SSSSSpeaker came in handy and the steering column to the accompaniment of Noel Gallagher has moved much faster.

Review of portable Bluetooth-column aiia SSSSSpeaker

The next day the sun shone and it was decided to go “to drag an iron” to Hydropark. Engage in headphones never really loved, and the ability to play music at a low volume portable speakers are very useful. The form of the model allows you to direct the sound to the listener is thus not distract others. And if someone like sound Kobzon on your boombox, it is always possible to “squeeze” Silicone cloak in the opposite direction, allowing the sound spread out at 360 degrees.

The next day came out on the skewers into the woods, well, as you know well the column came in handy. And other days aiia SSSSSpeaker constantly played in the evenings at home background. Minimum dimensions and flexibility allow you to borrow column with you anywhere and not worry about transportation – even in your pocket wear. As it so happened that after a week of using this miniature bagatelle I attached to her.


I must say – given the size, is loud and fun, although the quality and can not be compared with the specialized solutions. The latter, for obvious reasons, they sound much better. Thus, aiia SSSSSpeaker sounds surprisingly good as a souvenir, but it’s not as good as a separate Bluetooth-column. This should be considered. In this case, the sound of the device can be completely different, all thanks to the form factor. Disclosed silicone cone – get directions with a characteristic sound horn taste, crushed board – surround sound is opened a cone down, closing the speaker – the sound is muted. You can experiment all you want, in this case, the sound will change. I personally most impressed with the sound folded position silicone cone.


The manufacturer claims five hours of continuous music playback. A full charge takes about an hour column. In practice, the way it is, is only to say that music played a little more than five hours, which is really great.

Results – SSSSSpeaker

Review of portable Bluetooth-column aiia SSSSSpeaker

American companies aiia managed to create a really interesting product which although of the souvenirs, it could be an independent gadget.


+ The original design
+ Ergonomics
+ Minimum dimensions
+ Loud

Did not like:

– Available only for wholesale customers

Source: Kickstarter

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