American teens want for Christmas is a new iPhone

Internet-service e-commerce Ebates found that American students between the ages of 12 and 17 years old dream of getting a gift for the New Year holidays of gadgets from Apple, the most desirable of which are brand new iPhone.

A poll conducted on the eve of New Year and Christmas, shows that 88% of all children surveyed want to receive a gift of an electronic gadget. One in three of them (32%) wants to get a new iPhone. In second place is children’s dreams tablet iPad Air and closes the top three leaders of a flagship mobile phone Samsung (12%).

It is noteworthy that among American boys popular was not “apple” smartphone. The first place they took a new gaming console Sony Playstation 4. However, the demand for new iPhone in girls (41%) provided the phones Apple leadership in the ranking of children’s desires.

What was the reason for the popularity of new smartphones from Apple in girls? Perhaps the release of iPhone 5c models in five body colors. Or American girls liked the gold iPhone 5s.

In the past, smartphone, Apple became the most sought-after children’s Christmas present in 2011. In 2012, the most popular among teenagers Prezent was the second-generation iPad.

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