Sony MDR-1A - new headphone review

Sony MDR-1A – new headphone review

Today we will look at one of the flagship models of consumer new headphone review from Sony – MDR-1A. Full-size, combining both the brutality and the elements of a modern minimalist, they are designed to entice audiophiles at a glance. But it sounds good? Let’s deal.

Contents of delivery

Traditionally, do not dwell on the virtues of packaging and emotions from unboxing A. Go straight to the point. Options even more scarce than new headphone review Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7, a review of which recently went under the rubric audio lab (By the way, we MSR7 in this review have not yet come back again). It includes earphones, two removable cables and bag cover for transportation. That’s all.

Sony MDR-1A - new headphone review

One of the cables – garniture. The new headphone review microphone unit is equipped with a single button. The key travel is short. Clicking informative. The solution is compatible with the application Smart Key smartphone lineup Xperia.

Both cables are enclosed in a soft insulation with longitudinal ribs (a variant of reinforcement), reliably protecting them from the infection prevents fractures. Freeze and harden in the cold this decision will also be much less. A plug connection to the source in both cases the L-shaped. In addition to the brand name on them applied proud inscription Thailand, that would hint at “it-you-don’t-China.” It should be noted more pragmatic than in the case of new headphone review MSR7, approach – are solid plugs. Nothing becomes loose, no backlash and does not threaten to crumble during the operation. Questions, however, causes the fixing cables in the connector headphones themselves.

With a sharp turn of the head due to a lack of strong fixing taut cable can just fly out of the headphones. Is this good or bad? Debatable. On the one hand, this solution can keep the earphones from falling in some cases. However, as will often also cases of the spontaneous departure the of the cable and without the threat of disruption headphones with your head. The length of the two wires the same and is 1.2 meters, which is standard and sufficient for use with portable equipment. Thus, the manufacturer indicates further positioning device. It is definitely not a solution for listening to music from stationary sources.

About fabric case with leatherette edging says nothing special. It is more practical than counterparts entirely of imitation leather. But for the gadget with similar price tag still want to see the hard case securely protects the headphones during transport. And that’s not a half-measure. By the way, an indication of the box on the cover of Chinese origin on the vine can kill the joy of the “non-Chinese” product for some users. We have to get used to. Without Uncle Liao does not do anybody.

Design and materials

And here we return to the theme new headphone review MSR7. The fact that the models are similar in appearance so that you begin to suspect that something was wrong. But to understand how designers whose contours of a competitor’s product, and whose were the authors of the original idea, we will not. Just stating a fact. Design, layout, and design solutions are very similar. The differences are minor and are on the level of error. No, you will not be able to visually mix model. Here comes into force at least the same ubiquitous branding. But visual memory will absolutely exact parallels. Because dwell on design and design features in detail, we will not. Here everything is true what has been said about a competitor from Audio-Technica. The exception will be only steel guide-Rellingen, adjusts the size of the headband. It is also equipped with a fixed stroke marks. But by itself the course is too easy. And from the first time to fix the headband on the right will not turn around. Due to slippage. The disadvantage is not critical. You can consider it nagging. But he is quick to put on the headphones does not help.

Materials used in new headphone review MDR-1A, are the same situation with the design. They are identical to those of the new headphone review MSR7 slightly less than full. The differences boil down to the degree of softness leatherette and foam ear cushions and headband filler. Ear pads, by the way, there is not removable.

Claims to build quality headphones not. Everything is at a very high level. Doubts about the reliability design no.


I will not be long. Headphones comfortable. Despite the similarity with new headphone review MSR7, they are softer and lighter. Pressure on the temples is not felt. Long wearing and listening does not cause discomfort. The only downside is the very leatherette. In the heat of contact with the skin, it can cause too much sweating. MDR-1A in this case – the best friends of the air conditioner.

Sound of new headphone review

So we got to the point. The source used for testing HTC One M8, LG G4, SGS3 finalized and serious player AK120. In cases smartphones audition conducted with players Neutron Music Player and CloudPlayer. All material setups served FLAC 24/96 and 24/192. After all, we have to find out exactly the legitimacy of the presence of nameplate Hi-Res Audio gadget on the box?

Sony MDR-1A - new headphone review

In all cases, passive acoustic headphone enough for comfortable listening in a quiet home, and on the street. Wonderland is useless to wait, but everything on the level.

In terms of sound producer emphasizes the updated high-tech composite 40mm drivers. These radiators are designed on the idea of providing a wide range of frequencies – 3-100K Hz! Sensitivity is declared at the level of 105 dB, which is also not good. Impedance 24 Ω indicates compatibility with any source of headphones. Enough power from anyone. But let us leave the paper specifications. And go to the audition.

After a standard warm-up for 24 hours, we can be assured of our full readiness headphones. So, just the facts:

Low frequencies are very, very much. Bass in the prelude to the composition of Pink Floyd – Time can be heard even in the movements of the pendulum and the ringing of bells! Compete in this indicator with them can unless Beats. Bass a lot, but is virtually absent of their articulation. Because of this lower part of the mid-range of greased.
Midrange predictably can not keep up with the low-frequency component and go by the wayside. From this significantly affected vocal and detailing some of the tools.

HF repeat the fate of the “middle” and drown in the bass behind her.
Localization tools available. But difficult bass.

At the same time manage to give enough 1A deep sound with wide stereo. Paradox.

In general, the sound in this case that of the new headphone review MSR7 loses on all counts. 1A at all desire can not convey all the nuances of Hi-Res-records. It does not help even a very serious source of AK120. But new headphone review MDR-1A at the same can not be called bad headphones. No. Their sound is very, very good. And for fans of bass-dependent genres they can be a godsend. For the rest of the decision of Audio-Technica is clearly preferable.


+ Universal Design

+ Build quality

+ Reliability and sophisticated design

+ Removable cables


– The dominance of bass in the sound

– Leatherette

– The lack of a hardcover to transport

Source: Sony

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