SKEYE Mini Dron - Miniature drone with HD-Camera

SKEYE Mini Dron – Miniature drone with HD-Camera

Looking at prices quadrocopters, many of us bite your elbows, because let buy himself a flying device without remorse may not be many. But there is a solution – a miniature drone SKEYE Mini is quite inexpensive and can write videos in resolution HD.

Feature of miniature drone of SKEYE Mini Dron

This is only the miniature copper very much. The first version of the miniature drone SKEYE (index Nano Drone) quietly placed a small palm, but she could only shoot a photo. The second version quadrocopters little grown in size and quite copes with video filming:

Although grown size for the device is still scary, because the slightest breeze can knock drone coordination, or blow it to hell. However, this toy has on its board propeller 4 and 6-axis gyroscope, the stabilizing good image.

SKEYE Mini Dron - Miniature drone with HD-Camera

Flight range kid is about 50 m. It can be in the air for about 8 minutes. Manage drone is very simple. So if you learn, you can do it even at the aerobatics: flip, “barrel” dead loop, etc.

SKEYE Mini Dron - Miniature drone with HD-Camera

The main advantage of the mini drone – its price. In the near future, it is possible to buy a pre-order for $ 65. Then the price miniature drone grows up to $ 100, which is still very affordable.

Source: theawesomer

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