Review of smartphone Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM – dual-sim smartphone operating system Windows Phone 8.1 with loud speakers, highly configurable display, free navigation

If you waited dvuhsimny inexpensive smartphone operating system Windows Phone, then you have a reason to rejoice. Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM exactly corresponds to these requirements, in addition the device is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 is equipped with 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. Cost smartphone priced at Rs 2000. On paper it looks very interesting, let’s try to understand what impressions reserves smartphone in practice.

Options Nokia Lumia 630

The smartphone comes in a flat cardboard box. Inside the box is a charger, the second lid and paper documentation. Unfortunately, USB-cable and though any headset available.

Design and ergonomics Nokia Lumia 630

Externally, the smartphone is almost nothing stands out. In general, the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM – mid-range smartphone from the company Nokia. Thanks to a removable cover can easily change the look of the smartphone that you can take advantage of. It should be noted that the device can have one of three colors of back cover: white, orange and yellow. In this case, complete with a smartphone, as mentioned above, there is a second cover. It is in any case in black, so that even when buying a smartphone with the main cover is yellow, you can easily turn your smartphone into less bright and eye-catching among others due to the black cover. It got us to the test version with a white cap. All variants covers are made of opaque plastic.

Covers the front surface of the protective glass. In its upper part is the voice speaker, under it – the manufacturer’s logo. The bottom face of the microphone. Along the contour of the protective glass is a plastic frame, it does not act on it. Housing sidewall chamfered towards the rear side. Left lateral face devoid of any government, but on the right is a button and volume control. By the way, because of the sloping sides are pressed, it is not as clear as we would like. The upper end has a 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom – Micro-USB-connector. On the back of the phone is located a 5 megapixel camera lens, the manufacturer’s logo, and at the bottom – hole multimedia speaker. In order to make it easier to remove the cover, the manufacturer did not bother to make a projection, because – this process is not very easy. After removing the cover, we gain access to the battery capacity of 1830 mAh, two slots for SIM-card format micro-SIM and memory expansion slot for microSD.

Build quality is good device. With strong squeezing body no scratches, but even a mild touch on the screen appear divorces. As for convenience, the small size of the device allows you to comfortably operate it with one hand.

Operating system and shell Nokia Lumia 630

Smartphone running the operating system Windows Phone 8.1. Compared with the Windows Phone 8.0 came with a choice saver for selected tiles, finally added the ability of continuous text input, as an opportunity to find a smartphone and more.

Now you can adjust the shutter notifications for themselves. All this is only part of the changes that have touched the latest version of Windows Phone. A set of programs is well known from previous smartphone and includes a navigation program HERE Drive +.

Hardware Platform Nokia Lumia 630

Like most mid-range smartphone running Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM based on the well-known Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400. Processor contains 4 cores clocked at 1.2 GHz, and acts as a graphics accelerator Adreno 305. RAM is only 512 MB , the volume of the built-in 8 GB of storage, which, if desired, can be increased using memory cards microSD. Complaints about the work of no wireless networks. GPS satellite reception speed is very good and almost envy from having internet connection.

In terms of performance, critical issues were found. But when you run standard applications, such as camera, for example, some setting items, not to mention third-party applications, you can see the message “Loading” or “Renewal.” In principle, this can be attributed to the slowness was a small amount of RAM. In the rest to us quite nimble machine.

High volume of both speakers, but at a high volume multimedia speaker starts to wheeze. The headphones sound good. Not being an expert in this field, I can only say that most users enjoy the sound. But the standard means of recording the conversation with no line, but it can be fixed by downloading the appropriate application from the store.

Despite having two SIM-cards in the smartphone just one radio set because of what you speak to one of the SIM-card second becomes inaccessible. If the hardware implementation, understanding, here’s the software implementation of the two cards is interesting. On the main screen there from two tiles messages and call log, that is one tile for each SIM-card. You can quickly switch between them. On the one hand it is good. Especially for a better separation between personal and work number. If this is not necessary, then why not get used to such implementation. Well, if the second SIM-card is only effective for the Internet, the tiles on the home screen can be easily removed.

As mentioned above, the smartphone is equipped with a removable battery capacity of 1830 mA * h In terms of autonomy no surprises. Medium loads smartphone can operate up to two days. As seen from the tests, some Android-smartphone, under equal conditions, demonstrate better results. More familiar with the test results can be autonomous in the table.

Display Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM IPS-equipped with a screen diagonal of 4.5-inch with a resolution of 845 × 480 pixels with technology ClearBlack. In the role of protection of the display stands glass Gorilla Glass 3. But with resistance to fingerprints have a serious claim, as there is no oleophobic coating. The result is that almost always visible on the screen prints that are very difficult to be removed. Viewing angles are close to the maximum. Despite the low resolution, grainy screen is invisible to the naked eye. In sunny weather, the display remains visible

Measurement results show the following display brightness: 300 at maximum brightness, 7 cd / m ², 50% – to 101.1 cd / m ², a minimum of 14.51 cd / m ² (the default). It is noteworthy that in the absence of automatic brightness sensor leads to the fact that the user is able to adjust brightness only three aisles values: high, medium and low. Despite this there is a way out – to set the profile brightness. With this option, the user can not only change the brightness within the prescribed limits, but swap the maximum brightness to the minimum and vice versa. Minimum brightness value can be a record low, from 1kd / m ². Subjectively display good color rendering, and the ability to customize the color temperature and color saturation can be useful.

Camera Nokia Lumia 630

The handset features a 5-megapixel main camera with autofocus and aperture f/2.4 and 28mm. It can record video with a resolution of 1280×720 (720p) with a frame rate of 30 frames / s. Flash is missing.

The quality of the captured photos and videos in the first place affect the conditions under which they were taken. In good light photos taken by a smartphone, look quite good, but in low light expect something like that from the camera is not necessary. The overall quality of the camera can be called nothing more than average. The front camera is missing.

Results Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM – first dvuhsimny WP-smartphone. Its main assets is attributed to the availability of slots second SIM-card, the latest version of the operating system, high-quality assembly and sturdy materials, the presence of a second cover with the device. The disadvantages – lack of automatic brightness sensor, front camera, a small amount of RAM.

Pros Nokia Lumia 630: High-quality housing, the availability of additional cover, loud speakers and good sound quality headphones, support the second SIM-card, current version of the operating system, the speed of satellite GPS, fine-tune the display and free navigation

Cons Nokia Lumia 630: Lack of automatic brightness sensor, photo quality camera, no front-facing camera, Mark Floor Display

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