Canon camera is the size of a smartphone

Canon Vixia camcorder has a resolution of 12.8 megapixels and the battery weighs about 180 grams. Despite the diminutive size, the characteristics of it, according to the company, not inferior to many consumer video camera and built-in camera is superior smartphones.

Vixia equipped with a wide angle lens of the “fish-eye” with the f-number of f/2.8 and a maximum viewing angle of 160 degrees for video and 170 – in pictures. Is also provided with the usual shooting angle. Video is recorded in MP4 format high-definition, and the matrix has a size of 1/2, 3 inches. The battery lasts for 45 minutes of continuous video recording. The chassis mounted stand and tripod socket.

The camera has 38 shooting modes for sports events, macro and so on. There are shooting modes, slow-motion in two (with a resolution of 720p) and four times (with a resolution of VGA), as well as the fast track. Audio is recorded in MPEG2, in stereo quality 256 and 128 kbit / s.

Vixia is also equipped with Wi-Fi interface and software to download videos to your computer and the network YouTube and Facebook.

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