Silk - the sun in the house

Silk – the sun in the house

And ophthalmologists and neurologists say that artificial lighting is much less useful to the human body in comparison with sunlight. Indeed, the inclusion of dramatic chandeliers in the hall or the cold light of LED lamps in the bathroom in the morning does not bring positive emotions, even the opposite – they cause a stressful situation, besides the improvement of not favorable. Startup Saffron from Orem, Utah, introduced smart lamp Silk, which simulates sunlight. During the day, she is able to automatically change the color temperature, as well as seamlessly switched, giving the eyes to get used to new surroundings. In general, Silk can oust the market solutions from Belkin, Phillips, LG, Vu1 and other manufacturers.

Design of Silk

Silk - the sun in the house

Externally Silk does not look too unusual – certainly not as impressive as Flyte. It has a standard E27 so easily installed in any suitable luminaire. In addition to the automatic mode simulate sunlight, the smart lamp may illuminate the room with light the selected color temperature. Switching between modes is done without the use of third-party devices – simply click on the switch the required number of times (after the installation of the switch itself Silk no need to change).

According to the developers, the main purpose of creating intelligent lamp – adaptation of lighting at home or in the office, in accordance with human biological rhythms. Circadian rhythms, or cyclical fluctuations in various physiological processes depend on the change of day and night, so the body every time a novelty that at six o’clock in the bathroom has a bright day, and the room in the evening when the sun has not set, curtains drawn at twilight.

Silk - the sun in the house

High color temperature light tunes activity – job training, lessons on household chores. Less bright and warmer light relaxes, and the light temperature of about 2700 K provides a soft going to sleep and comfortable awakening.

For Silk, startups have created an application that will allow to adjust lighting in a variety of areas and supports the work with a variety of intelligent lights. You can set different operating modes, which are replaced in accordance with the schedule, enable or disable the lamp remotely control their color temperature.

Additional proposed Bilb – a device that is inserted into the socket and allows you to connect via Wi-Fi to smart lamps Silk, to monitor their work at a distance.

Source: seesaffron

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