Enthusiast from the Netherlands created a manned multicopter

Enthusiast from the Netherlands created a manned multicopter

Creative personalities live everywhere. Including – in the Netherlands. It is reported that a guy named Torstin Kriyns invented an unusual aircraft.

Interesting features of multicopter

The young man made a real manned multicopter. Which easily picks up his passengers into the air. In this case – the bravest of the inventor.

A prototype is already operational. What does the video recording of the experiment?

The machine weighs about 50 kg. The basis is a frame of aluminum alloy 6060. The construction of a relatively lightweight and durable – it can withstand the rider, power lithium-ion batteries and electric motors with 16 screws.

For synchronous operation of the motor control system responds MultiWii Autopilot.

However, the project is far from perfect Kriyns. Judging by the video, multicopter off the ground for only a few seconds.
There is work to do.

Source: engadget

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