Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: “bar of gold!”

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

In terms of appearance, this new Samsung Galaxy Alpha review “head” above almost all competitors. Well, almost 49 thousand. Points in AnTuTu confidently “say” that the possibilities of the tube “under the hood” enough for any whim of the user. However, whether this is so, let’s check together.

Appearance and Customization – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Despite the fact that Samsung “not played along” rumors regarding a fully metal body Samsung Galaxy Alpha review, “furrowed” the Internet, and do not make it so, offended by the manufacturer is still not worth it. The fact that the plastic, at least on the outside of the unit a bit – only the battery cap is patterned in the style of the one we met in the Galaxy S5, and the only one mechanical button on the front panel. Otherwise glass plus metal.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Level adjustment elements, in my opinion, one of the best in the smartphone segment with a removable cover. To be honest, during the first cursory acquaintance, I was thinking that the housing molded. And although in practice it is not, itself docking parts is impressive.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review – the first smartphone of the South Korean manufacturer, has received a metal edging. On the rear side it adheres perfectly to the ends of the cover, but the front panel extends slightly above the screen cover, thus creating additional protection for the latter, if the user hangs up at the front side table or other firm but smooth surface. By the way, this border visually makes the device less than its actual dimensions, and in addition, if “knocks” the whole structure together. Looking at the front part, it is difficult to say that there is a 4.7-inch display. I would not give more than four.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review on the market is available in several trims: black, white, silver and “gold.” Unfortunately, I have not seen the first three, but because to say anything sensible about it I can not. But here’s the tube in the “gold” looks luxurious. A great option to emphasize their status!

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Hand smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha review handy. Weight 114 grams does not cause fatigue due to long-term continuous operation. Full control here – the “thing” is quite feasible. Despite the 4.7-inch display size, frankly, a pleasant surprise.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Battery cap is removed in seconds. Perform reverse procedures for claims and causes. By the time per operation requires few seconds at most.

Buttons and connectors

The front panel of the smartphone “split” between the large display, two touch-sensitive buttons and the same hardware, which, by the way, integrated fingerprint reader, earpiece and light sensor / proximity, plus eye 2,1Mp front of the camera and the display of the indicator Some processes. On what specific “action” in question, it is easy to find from the corresponding menu item.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Clothed in the above-mentioned cover rear panel remarkable eye basic 12-megapixel camera, LED flash, as well as UV sensor plus the manufacturer’s logo.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Looking around the right side face, the user “detect” button on / off smartphone. Like most frame this “element” is also made of metal. Here, there is also a small gap provided for removing the cover of the battery pack.

Opposite “edge” received volume rocker.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

At the top end is easy to see output 3.5 mm plus a small cut the microphone noise reduction.

Finally, Samsung Galaxy Alpha review on the lower undeveloped net speakerphone, micro- port USB and one microphone.

Display – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review has 4.7-inch display with Super AMOLED – matrix at the base and excellent viewing angles both vertically and horizontally.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Frankly, why here resolution 720×1280 points and not 1080×1920 that Samsung Galaxy Alpha review have this level suitable machine a lot more, I do not know. Of course, at a density of 312 dots per inch, good contrast and brightness of the display of information is no problem in Uncounted in contact with the display of the sun, but on a subconscious level and it seems that with Full HD would be even steeper.

The backlight is available in two classic ways – manually or automatically. In addition, from the corresponding sub-menu settings, the user can activate the “Smart-off.” Here is an option “Increase sensitivity”, utilizing which you can wear gloves, and the submenu “Display Mode” using one of the preset program is the ability to customize the display specifically for that type of task. A similar decision, I remind you, you and I have seen a few days ago to review Samsung Galaxy Note4.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

To claim no sensitivity – supported touch controls with 10 fingers simultaneously.

Across the front panel, including, of course, buttons, provides protection in the form of tempered glass. Neither daily transportation device in the pocket of jeans, or my classical test – friction on the panel with a coin – in practice have not been enough to mark the coating formed.

Memory – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

User Samsung Galaxy Alpha review unit receives only one version with a built-in memory – 32 GB. Easy to see that from the outset the operating system and other technical files about 6 GB reserved. The rest you can use at their discretion.

With the expansion of the built-in volume with cards MicroSD manufacturer obviously joking – the corresponding slot is simply no. As for me, looks like this “maneuver” strange, especially in light of the fact that the user can remove the battery pack, and even remove the battery. In short, the “village” for these “noble goals” is enough.

Specification USB OTG supported. In addition, you can use the “cloud”. Dropbox has a client in the number of pre-installed.

Speakers – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

According to his ability as a spoken and multimedia speakers I personally reminded those in the Galaxy S5 – good volume and purity with no discounts on anything.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

In the setting of two friends on the same musical effect S5SoundAlive and MusicFX. However, other features and sub-menu of the same name is also not new.

Battery – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review – capacity 1800 mAh removable battery. At first glance, it seems a little, but in practice, the user can count on viewing HD-video for about 9 hours on maximum brightness, or a little more than 17 hours of reading.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

And even if the second is for you absolutely not indicative, the first, I admit, even I was surprised.

There is already a classic and an add power saving. On its functionality, I stayed in the review of the same Galaxy S5 and recently Note 4, and therefore repeated again I will not.

Features and performance – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Powered smartphone running Android 4.4.4 “out of the box.” By the way, a few weeks ago it was reported intention Samsung to release Android 5.0 update for this machine. But as I say, not an official statement, we believe these data should only with a certain degree of skepticism.

The “heart” of the system is an 8-core Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 5430, the clock frequency of 1.8 GHz. The amount of RAM to 2 GB. Also in the “bundle” graphics Mali-T628MP6.

In addition, the user Samsung Galaxy Alpha review can work with the module Wi-Fi 802.11 A / AC / b / G / n and integrated into a technology Wi-Fi Direct. Also “on board” Bluetooth 4.0, NFS, GPS , A-GPS , GLONASS, a modem and a mobile access point, VPN.

Already on the numbers of test results can guess – this “kid” on any task forces.

Scanner and gestures

Within the meaning of the work with a fingerprint reader is organized in the same way as in the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4. In the latter, however, need not spend 8 times, and 10 for registration, yes, as for me, it’s nuances.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review menu with four options, opportunities which allow you to control your smartphone using gestures. To deal with them is not easily available due to the submenu prompts.

Camera – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Although the camera in Samsung Galaxy Alpha review little simpler than those used in the S5, test them still interesting, and proved a lot of settings.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Front 2.1 MP able to write Full HD-video and take pictures with the same resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

The main 12 megapixel writes video at a maximum resolution UHD.

Some of the findings

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review focuses on that category of users for which the appearance of the smartphone is not an empty sound, and that put it on a par with the functionality. The only thing that probably will question – why display HD, not Full HD, because for a tube with a price tag of $ 640 the second would seem far more logical. Nevertheless, from my experience with this product, I can say that the eyes of the user marked the difference is imperceptible – picture “juicy” and pixels as do not try to look out for, it is still not able to see.

Pros – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

  • Wonderful build and level adjustment elements / thickness of the shell;
  • The first solution with a metal frame around the body in a portfolio of Samsung;
  • Qualitative matrix display / many “fine” settings;
  • Opportunities speakers;
  • Good autonomy;
  • Features and performance;
  • Fingerprint reader;
  • Good opportunities in the main camera / UHD-video

Cons – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

  • Display resolution (subjective);
  • Does not provide an internal memory expansion through microSD cards

Estimated cost Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: $ 640

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