The main nexus 9 specs 

The main nexus 9 specs of the new tablet 

The main nexus 9 specs 

HTC has never stood out for its tablets. Several attempts, the most memorable of which was the Flyer, failed miserably, securing the title of producer Tablet loser. Whatever it was, a couple of days ago, the company got a real chance to permanently eradicate this stereotype. To do this, it is natural, it is possible with the help of nexus 9 specs, which is engaged in the creation of a Taiwanese company. Will it is – time will tell. Today we focus on the main features of the device that are worthy of your attention.

Design – nexus 9

HTC smartphones has always stood out from the competition thanks to its design. At that time, as the South Korean Samsung continued to make almost identical model, Taiwanese designers showed their creativity in dissimilar devices.

The main nexus 9 specs 

Fortunately, the new nexus 9 specs tablet is no exception: The nexus 9 specs looks stylish and minimalistic. In addition to the visual appeal, the device can boast a 8.9-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, which provides a good density of 288 ppi. Yes, that’s right. The aspect ratio of 4: 3, instead of 16: 9, as it was in the previous generation.

Finally, the final design touch nexus 9 specs steel front stereo speakers. That’s really really nice feature.

Nexus 9 specs

The main nexus 9 specs 

Nexus 9 specs tablet would not be worthy of the name, if he had had no advanced features. In this case, the company’s engineers have outdone themselves. Firstly, we are talking about an 8-megapixel camera, which is to meet in the plates until not so simple. Secondly, as the processing here is 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 to 2.3 GHz. Third, the amount of RAM is no less well. 2 GB is sufficient not only for smooth operation, but for the vast majority of today’s games and demanding applications.

Autonomy – nexus 9

Have worked for a long time if all of the above components? Yes. According to our colleagues from phonearena, a battery with a capacity of 6700 mAh incredible provide 9 hours of. More than enough.

Cost – nexus 9

Fortunately, the price tag of the tablet much more adequately his younger brother – Nexus 6. official cost of the most accessible version of the 16 GB is $ 399. Price version with 32 GB and support for LTE – $ 599.

Fell to the liking of the tablet if you, dear readers? Tell us about nexus 9 specs in the comments.

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