Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

The trend in the world of smartphones is that the flagship company always has a large screen size. And if you want to have a top-end smartphone with a filling, but only compact size? Such is the hero – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review.

Positioning – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review – representative of image line of devices by Samsung. The smartphone was conceived as a competitor for the new smartphone Apple – iPhone 6. The devices are very similar to each other and Galaxy Alpha is a viable alternative for the iPhone.

Packaging equipment – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Packing smartphone is quite simple – a rectangular box made of gray cardboard. Design can be called minimalist – no pictures, no pictures. But it looks pretty stylish and expensive. Accessory Kit Samsung Galaxy Alpha standard:

  • MicroUSB cable
  • Charger 1 W (5V, 1.55A)
  • Stereo
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Design and Ergonomics – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review was the first in a long time machine, where Samsung has returned to the use of metal in the body. Following the Alpha followed Note 4. Metal is not the key factor when choosing a smartphone, but the metal device look nobler and more expensive than the plastic counterparts. Samsung did not go the usual way, by releasing all-metal smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Alpha review has the same plastic as the Galaxy S5, a contour added metal frame.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Design your smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha review cannot be called special. On which side does not look, it’s still the usual Samsung, distinguished from others by its size. Yet, Samsung decided to return to a more “island” design devices that cannot but rejoice. Samsung Galaxy Alpha design is very similar to one of the most successful in terms of design of smartphones – Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Above the screen we have the earpiece, 2.1 megapixel front camera, proximity sensor and touch, LED. Located under the screen Home button with built-in fingerprint scanner her and two touch-sensitive buttons – “Back” and “Recent proposals.”

The right side has found its place a button on the device. Located on the left side volume keys. Audio jack and microphone noise cancellation are located on the top. The bottom end is occupied microUSB-socket, speaker and microphone spoken.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Flash and heartbeat sensor to the left of the main 12 megapixel main camera on the back of the smartphone. The back cover is a smartphone, traditional for Samsung, removable, is made of plastic. Under it is a removable battery and the connector under nanoSIM. The lid is secured to the housing seventeen snaps, so no backlash and squeak, in principle, cannot be. The build quality of Samsung Galaxy Alpha review just fine.

Display – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

The screen Samsung Galaxy Alpha review bit unusual for champions – it is only 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Like most smart phones Samsung, the matrix is ​​made by technology Super AMOLED. Pixel density – 312ppi. The screen is closed tempered glass with oleophobic coating. The viewing angles are very good.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

The device is easy to use on a sunny day, as the picture almost does not fade. Auto Lighting Optimizer works quite accurately. The choice has several display modes, for me the best was the “Basic Mode”, which is the default.

Camera – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

The smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha review is equipped with a 12 megapixel main camera and a 2.1 megapixel camera for video calls front camera.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

The main camera is doing in the photo resolution 4608 x 2592 pixels and supports shooting 4K video resolution of 3840 x 2160. The feature set is fairly standard for smartphones Samsung – Mode HDR, Duplex shot, Panorama, Selective autofocus, Retouch, Virtual Tour, and Post-effect). Photo quality is very good, autofocus smartphone bright enough.

Hardware Platform – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review is based on an 8-core processor Exynos 5 Octa 5430 (4 cores at 1.8 GHz + 4 cores at 1.3 GHz). This is the first of the processor, adapted for 20nm technology. On assurance of Samsung, the company managed to reduce energy consumption in Samsung Galaxy Alpha review about 25 percent. Graphics accelerator with smartphone supports Mali-T628. The smartphone is equipped with 2 GB of RAM. After switching on the device, the user can use a little less than half of the total RAM.

Built-in memory in the Samsung Galaxy Alpha review – 32 GB. And that is not very typical for Samsung, there is no memory card slot. Any games at maximum settings go without any hint of lag or the brakes, everything works smoothly and quickly. But the heating device in the games felt. After half an hour of the game had a few minutes to put the smartphone to cool it. Navigation through the menus and desktops going very smoothly. Web surfing is also comfortable occurs even at 10 tabs open in the browser. All benchmarks Samsung Galaxy Alpha leaves behind almost any smartphone – a top filling and HD-screen doing their job. Below are the results of performance tests.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

In the Home button is integrated fingerprint reader. In contrast to the scanner used by Apple, here it is necessary not just to touch your finger and hold the top down. You can add up to 3 fingers to unlock the smartphone. For correct operation of the scanner fingers should be completely dry, if a little wet fingers, smartphone refuses to accept the mark.

Software Platform – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

The smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha review is installed Android 4.4.4 KitKat c proprietary shell TouchWiz. Differences from the Samsung Galaxy S5 almost there, so the possibilities shell can be found in the appropriate review of this smartphone.

Autonomy – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review is equipped with a battery capacity of 1860mAh. A little unclear what the company thought, when so decides. For a filling such a small battery frankly. The most that I managed to achieve – is 4 hours screen. I hope this particular smartphone, got into my hands.

Conclusions – Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

Samsung made a very interesting device. If you are looking for a compact flagship, but do not like smartphones Apple, then Samsung Galaxy Alpha review – very decent choice. The smartphone has excellent performance, good camera and a nice design. Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy Alpha review sets the direction for the further development of the line of image devices by Samsung.

Pros Samsung Galaxy Alpha review:

  • High performance
  • Fashion design
  • Good camera
  • Good display

Cons Samsung Galaxy Alpha review:

  • The absence of slots for memory cards
  • A small battery capacity
  • High price

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