Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

Certain many people remember the excitement around the tablet Acer Iconia W3, and the buzz wore not positive. It was too heavy device with display weak or too productive rolls generally complete failure.

The following Acer Iconia review – model W4-821 presented at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. Like its predecessors, it runs on Windows 8, but not on Android. However, now changed for the better quality of the screen, the device has become more functional. However, let us all in order.

Design – Acer Iconia review

Again conducted parallel with the Acer Iconia W3, it may be noted that the Acer Iconia review W4-821 began to look more interesting. Body has not changed much, it’s the same plastic, but now he styled textured metal. The back cover is gray in the center of the inscription engraved branded manufacturer. In the upper left corner of the front camera is available with the help of which it is convenient to take photos.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

We proceed to the front of the tablet PC. It is represented by a screen that takes up almost the entire area, leaving room only for the Windows button at the bottom. It is noteworthy that the display is at an elevation that is not on the same level with the key. It is convenient or not, each user decides for himself. Above the screen is another company’s logo, and the right of it – front webcam. Orientation at the Acer Iconia review W4-821 vertical.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

It is impossible not to note such things as weight and thickness of the tablet Acer Iconia review, which, unfortunately, sorrowful. Nothing can be done, the dimensions of the tablet are: 219h135h11 mm, weight – 425 By the way, the same problem was with the previous model, and many expressed their dissatisfaction on the matter, which, as we have seen, it remains ignored. However, to keep a gadget with one hand for a long time is unlikely to succeed, after all, it is almost a pound, from which, sooner or later the hand gets tired. As for the build quality of the tablet, it pleases. The monolithic body is made good using the device lacks any squeaks and other noises. By the way, it is impossible not to notice that the back panel is not the brand, which makes use of the tablet more practical and enjoyable.

Display and sound webcam – Acer Iconia review

At Acer Iconia W3 was TN-matrix, that perhaps it was a major problem. The new version of it, thankfully, removed, and Acer Iconia review – W4-821 already have a 8.1-inch IPS-display has a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. However, the density of pixels per inch is equal to 189 ppi, and this, in general, is not the best result. But the manufacturer promises preferred color at viewing angles up to 170 degrees, but because under whatever camera angle you look at the screen, the inversion is not. In addition, the tablet uses a technology called Zero Air Gap, through which the amount of glare and reflection is reduced to zero, and therefore the device can be operated without problems even in sunny weather.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

Also it is necessary to add that touch screen supports 5-finger multitouch. The brightness of the display is quite good, so that even on a sunny day image and text readable. By the way, you can adjust the brightness manually, automatic adjustment is not available.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

On the bottom of the tablet can be seen two small slits for the speaker grill covered. This location makes the inconvenience of work in landscape orientation, because, somehow, the hand will cover one of the speakers. The sound is average, but more from the plate and no one expects. Of course, any time you can use the headset as headphones, thereby improving the situation somewhat.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

In the tablet has two cameras. At first, in the front, a resolution of 2 megapixels, so do more or less normal picture with it will not work. However, it is perfect for video, say, via Skype. In the second chamber has a higher resolution – 5MP, also has autofocus. Its capacity should be sufficient for photos and video. Of course, the pictures are not perfect quality, but it’s better than nothing.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

Keyboard – Acer Iconia review

In the tablet provides a virtual keyboard. Given that the operating system is a not usual for many Android, and Windows, the keyboard slightly modified, but it does not affect the usability of it. In particular, this includes keys are comfortable enough with a comfortable space between them, and therefore the risk to push something that is minimal. Unfortunately, complete with this gadget is no mention of a physical keyboard or stylus, which make the entry process easier and faster.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

Because of the additional keys as discussed previously, there physical button «Windows». It is located in the lower part of the front face.

Performance – Acer Iconia review

Acer Iconia review – Model W4-821 NT.L37ER.002 “is equipped with” 32-bit operating system Windows 8.1. Lots of talk about the OS, perhaps, it makes no sense, because from the moment it is released everyone is asked what kind of animal. We only note that there is a graphical shell Metro, which works fine on the tablet. However, the desktop icons may seem small, and get into them can be tricky.

As for the applications, they in this tablet in excess, because, in addition to traditional software than Windows, there is also a brand of Acer, which includes cloud service Acer Cloud, “Pictures”, “Documents” and much more. But, you see, for such a number of programs, but rather, for their rapid start-up and smooth operation, there should be a considerable amount of RAM, and in our plate – only 2 GB standard LP-DDR3. Discrepancy, not otherwise.

Finally we reached the most interesting to the filling device. His “driving force” is a quad-core Intel Atom Z3740 processor with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz. It is made on 22nm process technology, has 2 MB cache level 2 and consumes less than 4 watts.

As a video card performs Intel HD Graphics. This entry-level graphics processor, built on 32 nm process technology, which supports DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1. High performance from it can be expected, but with any daily tasks it can handle on “Cheers.”

Built-in memory is available in 64 GB, which is very good indeed. In addition, there is also a card reader microSD, thanks to which the capacity can be increased by another 32 GB.

Ports and Communications – Acer Iconia review

Previously, we have to focus your attention on the fact that the Acer Iconia review – W4-821 became more functional than its predecessor, thanks largely to add an interface. Located on the right side video Micro-HDMI, a volume rocker, a slot for Micro-SIM-card slot for memory cards.

The left side is empty.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

At the top you can see only the power button.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

The lower bound, in addition to the speakers, is equipped with a headphone jack and port Micro-USB.

Acer Iconia review presented new model W4-821

The sensors in the tablet has an accelerometer and a gyroscope. A wireless technology presents Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 module and 3G.

Battery – Acer Iconia review

The battery in the plate 2-cell Li-Polymer 4960 mAh capacity. The manufacturer promises that the capacity of the battery will last for 8 hours of video, and he does not cheat. Indeed, the video playback will discharge our tablet in about 7-8 hours. Browse the web user will not exceed 6 hours. In general, under moderate loads Acer Iconia review – W4-821 able to please its owner the whole day.

Charging a tablet is made by means of the cable Micro-USB, which connects it to the mains.

Conclusion – Acer Iconia review

Comparison of the tablet Acer Iconia review – W4-821 with the previous Acer Iconia W3 will obviously not good second, because considered in this review model “armed” and a new screen, and powerful enough iron, and more stylish body. That is, without exaggeration, one can say that it has become much better. Now Acer Iconia review – W4-821 display with IPS-matrix, which provides a good view from any angle. Weight decreased gadget that, again, can not affect its mobility in the most positive way.

There were, of course, and without the drawbacks, because the dimensions, in fact, remained the same, which means that the device is still prohibitively thick. And the diminished capacity of the battery, though without plate shows good standalone results.

Although that was better than it was, Acer Iconia review – W4-821 still falls short of many competitors, produced by other companies. And the situation does not save even a built-in 3G, but the average price of $ 500 it really worse.

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