Website developers Apple «lies» second day

The official website for developers Apple Developer Center is not available the second day. On Friday Developer Program participants found that they could not go to the website and use the service Apple.

On Saturday, July 20, the official website / ios still does not work, users information about the problems with the server had no effect on the situation. Now the site has a “cap” that tells about preventive maintenance.

“We will be back soon.

We apologize for the fact that the service took us more time than planned. If your subscription to the program comes to an end in this period, it will be automatically renewed and your application will remain in the App Store. If you have concerns about your account, please contact us.

Thank you for your patience”.

What is the reason outage Developer Center, are not reported. As with any Internet sites with services Apple from time to time there are technical problems. As a rule it does not affect the performance of all services of the company and the majority of users do not notice them.

However, one of the failures Apple ranked among the largest in the history of the Internet. According to Forbes longest was a technical failure, which occurred with MobileMe in July 2008 – the service was not working for a few weeks.

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