Dead Trigger 2 – Grenade per dollar, the rifle in two

At the time, the original Dead Trigger seemed to many a breakthrough among the games on mobile devices due to its excellent picture. Indeed, everything looked almost as large platforms seemed to have only bring to mind the flow of the plot, polished gameplay and here you are, you get a full-fledged zombie shooter. In the second part of the developers tried to fix all the flaws, but to no avail.

The game begins promisingly enough, because the change of the commonplace set of missions came more or less intelligible full-fledged campaign. You will now move forward on the subject, at the same time having the opportunity to have fun in the optional missions for the sake of monetary compensation and drawings of weapons. The campaign is unlikely to be able to surprise a man who had seen more than one movie about zombies, because Madfinger offer players a completely standard set – looking for and saving the survivors, collect them in a shelter, which we will provide supplies to guard against hordes of the living dead of every possible way to improve instead of using the services of the inhabitants. Oddly enough, not gratuitous.

Survivors who helps the protagonist than the much – medicines manufactured, master of weapons found at the drawings on the black market all sorts of bonuses like experience boosters get, but they only do it only for the money, but in the case of the black market – for real.

As the story progresses it turns out that in addition to the standard American resistance forces engaged in an unequal battle with the ghouls and in no less than the standard Africa, winning the zombie is not something that the city, the whole country, so that you do with other survivors there and the road. Moreover, in order to fight off the zombie particular city or country to destroy millions of zombies for additional assignments. In the set-off is the total number of homicides among all players and as the release of some cities in the Dead Trigger added two others.

Jobs in Dead Trigger 2 is not too intricate, basically they require the player to collect scattered throughout the map key objects, activate switches, hold the position for a specified time, shoot zombies from a helicopter or corny offer to get out alive from point A to point B. Met the path of a special variety of zombies do not differ. Basically, this is the usual walking, slowly but surely prushchego the player from every doorway or hole in the fence. Complicate their task, and at the same time get a bit of cash bonus may be laying in the doorway of the enemy. While the ghouls will disassemble blocked the passage of time to board the player can round up there and back with a canister of gasoline, for example. True, these very erect barricades allowed only in designated places for them.

Sometimes the game lets you to bigger monsters, like the big guy with a barrel of fuel on the belly or affected by radiation mutant zombies, finding a number which can send the unwary player in another world. To deal with them is not difficult, if you have a couple of pocket grenades, mines or vzyrvoopasnoy chicken. I’m serious, bind to the chicken stick of dynamite, releasing a bird run, zombies on her distracted, going to a bunch of … profit. Conventional firearms can do, but it will be much harder and have to use the kit.

And here we are confronted with the fact that such additional work – it’s not so much an opportunity as a necessity, otherwise you will experience a serious shortage of first aid kits, grenades, a shotgun will get together for a long time, and the machine will have to constantly improving delay. But why? Because the range of needs money. Let not the real, if game, but nonetheless. And sometimes the game does not hesitate to put the player in a losing situation. Suppose a quest a reward of $ 700, but at this level there is a couple of big monsters, and it’s four grenades, which, in turn, is worth $ 800. And you can not use them as ammunition is running out, because you have a basic set of simple weapons and shoot it poorly.

To solve the issue with the lack of cartridges can be improved weapons, thus increasing stopping power and volume of the store, but then the fun begins. To upgrade weapons, you need to improve most gunsmith, gunsmith and to improve you have to … improve technique. In other words, you need an upgrade to upgrade to make the upgrade. Xzibit would be pleased. And, of course, each upgrade requires money and time. So quietly 30 seconds required for the manufacture of first aid kits, flow smoothly into an hour, required to improve specialist. H is replaced by two, and replaced two come for six hours. And, of course, wonderful a button – to perform instantly. For real money. Or go grind dollars in unnecessary missions, hoping that the super-zombies in them will not meet often.

What about the game mechanics, it is all in the old way, the character moves through the level and shoot zombies, about any jumping or running shelters are not talking. Is that the default option is enabled automatic firing, in which pulling the trigger automatically, once the target is in the crosshairs and at a sufficient distance for shooting. If desired, the settings can be enabled as a manual control fire, and adjust the layout of controls on the screen. Also note that the game supports controllers.

Despite the significant boost to the players to buy in-game gold for Dead Trigger 2 you can spend a couple of evenings, the benefit of the game is available as a free download, but to call it a significant advance over the first part does not work, it just pulls on a great addition.

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