inFORM – three-dimensional display of physical objects

In contrast to existing 3D-displays, creating a stereo image that appears to surround the viewer, researchers from the Laboratory of tangible user interfaces at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a device that allows you to display the material objects that literally can touch.

Instead of lengthy explanations, I suggest just to see how the InForm.

In fact, no fantastic elements in inFORM not – projector, Microsoft Kinect, a large number of pins, playing the role of physical voxels, a similar number of actuators and managing all this good computer.

The current display resolution – 30х30х15 voxels, but imagine if the size of studs to reduce to a fraction of a millimeter, we get a full 3D-display, which is already now would not refuse to designers, engineers and doctors. What are the prospects of such a device is for the entertainment industry, to present scared.

inFORM not the only project on the site Laboratory material interfaces , be acquainted with other prospective studies. Perhaps some of these solutions, we will have a few years of use in everyday life.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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