Battlefield 4: destroy, destroy and tear apart
In that Battlefield 4 would be the best multiplayer shooter of 2013, there is little doubt. It remains to answer only one question: how fresh the game looks on the background of its predecessor – Battlefield 3?

Released in 2002 on PC multileerny shooter Battlefield 1942 DICE has given us from the beginning of one of the most famous franchises in the gaming industry. Over the next decade, Battlefield first ran on the console, but then again back to the PC to unleash the full potential of graphics engine with a proprietary destructible environments. The latest series of the game – Battlefield 4 – seriously claim to the title, if not the best game of the year, the best shooter for sure.

Previous game DICE, Battlefield 3 came out two years ago, and the latest addition to it, End Game – half a year ago. That is why the release Battlefield 4 were looking forward to, because it had to be not just another set of maps and modes, and a new game with updated graphics engine, including extensive work on the mistakes the previous section. Not that deficiencies in Battlefield 3, it was a lot, but as they say, nothing is perfect. But, looking ahead, let’s say that the developers DICE managed to come close to the ideal.

At the heart of Battlefield 4 is a new engine, Frostbite 3, which is responsible for both the graphics and physics of the game. Picture in Battlefield 4 although prettier, but switching to whole new level, unfortunately, did not happen. When you first start the feeling that you play in the good old Battlefield 3, but switched to the higher graphics settings (relatively speaking, the “extra-ultra”). Nevertheless, the graphics in Battlefield 4 is still one of the best if not the best in the genre.

Naturally, the new graphics engine, Battlefield 4 pulled in an increase in the requirements for PC components, in particular the processor and graphics card. So, if in the previous part of the series you get 60 fps with ultra graphics settings, the new settings will have to downgrade to play multiplayer with the same comfort.

The plot of the single player campaign Battlefield 4, as well as multiplayer, built around an armed confrontation of the three countries: the U.S., Russia and China. The protagonist of the game is Daniel Roecker Constraints, a special squad of American fighter “Gravedigger.” The single player campaign will be launched in Baku, where a special squad will meet with the fugitive Russian general to obtain sensitive information from him and deliver them to the U.S. aircraft carrier “Valkyrie.”

As a result, it is known that China is brewing military coup, and the Russian authorities are ready to support him. The aircraft carrier “Valkyrie” is sent to the civil war-torn Shanghai where Tombstone squad evacuates group of VIP-persons. The next destination “Valkyrie” – a friendly port of Singapore, where he has to wait for the Pacific Fleet of the U.S. Navy. But on arrival found out that … Anything more will not spoil.

Battlefield 4 writers managed to get rid of a number of typical cliche shooters on the “third” world war. For example, the axis of evil in the game by China, while Russia assigned a secondary role. American soldiers are shown not only fearless, but also humane, contrary random order of rescue refugees. Not enough plot Battlefield 4 except that the charismatic characters. Of all the characters of the game remembered only black fighter of Tombstone, which they call an Irishman friends jokingly.

But to add to the overall gameplay scenario Mighty appropriate quality developers Battlefield 4, unfortunately, failed. Mission differ from each other only in the scenery while traversed exactly the same. It is necessary, hiding behind cover, gradually move along a straight, albeit wide level. The really interesting to look except marine mission.

Disappoint and AI: your ally and enemy soldiers are long, long time to lie on different sides of one concrete beam, not daring to pop out. Enemies are often kept in groups, making them easy prey “grenade launcher.” The need to make decisions with lightning speed and to think tactically in singpleere there – a lot of online battles.

A key innovation of multiplayer Battlefield 4 was the technology Levolution, allowing multiplayer maps dramatically change the shape directly in battle. Video of crumbling skyscrapers and sitting down on the stranded ship had not seen before the game except just lazy. It increased the scale of destruction and changing weather conditions (from calm to storm) make it clear that this is a really a new game, not a slightly embellished old.

Multiplayer Battlefield 4 has brought a lot of improvements: a small, but important. Thus, assault rifles and machine guns can now be installed at the same time two of sight, such as a collimator for close combat and ACOG for long. Soldiers of class “Assault” will start with a grenade launcher and a first-aid kits, and access to the defibrillator is opened only with higher levels. The “Engineers” is selected the “exclusive” right to carbines – now they, like shooting a rifle (DMR), available to all classes.

The machine-gunners (class “Support”), lost the ability to refill your own cartridges of ammunition – universal box will be available with the level. In addition, the machine-gunners seized explosives C4, instead of issuing a lightweight launcher XM25. But some have a machine-gun was the suppression of the enemy.

C4 explosives got class “Scout”, which seems more logical – demolition is to be cagey fighter. Snipers can change the magnification of sight, again for easy shooting at medium and long range. Notice is lurking in the dense vegetation of the sniper can not only glare at the sight, but also on the trajectory of the bullet. Oh and run over will now have to campers!

It became possible to peek out from behind a corner, apply counter-attack with a knife, shoot with a pistol while in the water and dive to escape quickly from sight. Points are awarded not only for the destruction of machinery, but even getting into it. From reviving an ally you can not refuse. This is useful when there are loads and loads of enemies, but you still empty gun shop.

In addition, the back of the Battlefield 2 Class “Commander”, played by the most high-level player in a team. It monitors the battlefield on the map: giving orders allies, enemies and activates said auxiliary equipment (UAVs and missiles Tomahawk). And for the commander can not only play with the PC, but with the tablet.

Customization in Battlefield 4 lends itself to the appearance of not only weapons, but also the uniforms of soldiers and even the armor of tanks. But here it is important to know when to stop: if choose too bright color, the enemies you will notice a mile away.

As the level of the player is given a Battle-packs – suitcases with a random set of items and camouflage. Any collector of knives obzaviduetsya selection of knives. And if you can not wait to get one or the other module for weapons, and to perform the task to unlock it laziness, Battle packs in any amount can be purchased at Origin.

Breath of fresh air in the multiplayer mode of the game looks “extermination.” It teams are trying to take away from one another bomb (one at all) and use it to blow up the required number of objects. Defectors from the same Call of Duty like a good old “Fight Team” on a small fragment of the map.

Maps in multiplayer Battlefield 4 scale and detail-drawn, especially the “Siege of Shanghai”, “Storm on the moon dog” and “The dam on the Mekong.” But for some reason none of them does not cause such delights as “Caspian Border” in Battlefield 3. Fortunately, loved by everyone, “Kaspiyka” will come back to the first addition to the Battlefield 4.

Given the abundance of small but important innovations in the multiplayer and single-player campaign with solid plot and sea missions, Battlefield 4 honestly earned the right to be called a new game, not Battlefield 3.5, as they call it maliciously criticism. And remembering how DICE are making major changes earlier with additions like to believe that Battlefield 4 over the next year will surprise more than once or twice.

Best to online shooter Battlefield 4 this year? Most likely, yes, because ARMA III turned “on the fan,” and Titanfall will be released only in 2014. But to say this with certainty, we need to first look at Call of Duty: Ghosts. Fortunately, before the release of this game a few days left.

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