Razer Sabertooth: professional game pad for Xbox 360 and PC


At the time, Gamepad Razer Onza pleasantly surprised us in all respects surpassing the classic Xbox 360 Controller. His successor, Razer Sabertooth, shows that the Onza was a first attempt at writing company that came up with all seriousness to the issue of creating the perfect gaming controller. 


As Onza, the new Razer Sabertooth – Wired Controller for Xbox 360 and PC. The reasons for rejection of the wireless option two. First, the use of wires can significantly reduce the lag, which is critical for pro-gamers, which primarily focuses and the equipment. Second, Microsoft just does not give a license to a third-party manufacturers to release wireless controllers for the Xbox 360.

In the wired version has another advantage – it is lighter, and the refusal to allow the batteries to improve ergonomics and rational to use the lower part of the gamepad … placing her 4 more (!) Button. 


Ergonomics and Design Razer Sabertooth copies predecessor, the Xbox 360 Controller. Location sticks – Asymmetrical. Start and Back buttons have returned to traditional place an on Xbox in the form of a logo in the center. And under the right stick and D-pad is now located a small OLED-display and two buttons for programming the controller. Under them – a standard for the Xbox 360 2.5mm headset jack.

Both analog stick covered with green rubber “cap” that improve traction and increases the accuracy of control. If desired, they can be removed. Has changed a D-Pad – the size of the separate buttons decreased, thereby reducing the number of false diagonal clicks, but at the same time and complicate them. It probably will not appeal to fans of fighting games. Block A, B, X, Y remained the same as the Razer Onza. Ultra-sensitive backlit buttons triggered literally instantly, during the transition from the classic Xbox 360 Controller even have to get used to the rates of reaction, although tactile review here another, less pronounced than the gamepad Microsoft. 


Changes took place in front of the controller. Additional programmable buttons M1 and M2 are significantly reduced in size and angle. This makes it easier to identify them and not to be confused with full-LB and RB. Decreased and the size of the “hammer”, they were the same as those of the Xbox 360 Controller, pistol-profile flops Onza gone.


The most unexpected metamorphosis took place from the bottom of the gamepad. Instead hump battery compartment on the bottom there are two double-arm swing keys M4-M6 and M3-M5. Despite the strange shape of the new keys were surprisingly comfortable to use. They are very natural to fall under the middle or ring finger (depending on the grip), very responsive and comfortable. On the M4-M6 and M3-M5 can be hung, for example, a gear change in the race, change weapons in a shooter, etc. 


If you still can not get used to the lower keys, or in some games they will be unclaimed, they can be easily removed using the included screwdriver, the process does not take more than 30 seconds. After dismantling the remaining holes in theory, can be closed using the included rubber plugs, but in spite of all efforts, we have not been able to put them in their place. However, the small screw holes in the bottom does not spoil the appearance of Razer Sabertooth.

Controller cable is removable and fixed mounting screw. The device comes in a handy box for carrying, with a nest under the controller itself and compartments for cables, plugs, buttons and screws removed. Reminds case for dueling or the collection of arms and very convenient if you have to go to the game session to friends, a club, or a tournament. A removable cable length of 3 m and it gives some problems. With the game on the Xbox 360 this long and sometimes not enough cable to hang tautly – is banal way. If you are using a PC with a three-meter, the cable will be very hard to curl, take place on the table or under the table and also in the way. Ideally, the cost included in the scope of the two cables – a 1.5 and 5m. 


Despite the abundance of extra buttons, do not think that you will be able to use all of them – XInput specification does not allow such liberties. So six more buttons Razer Sabertooth intended only for easy reprogramming of existing keys. All control is via the two buttons under the right stick with the display mode for OLED-small screen. Left out of them also used to select one of two gaming profiles.

The programming procedure is fairly trivial, so we recommend to refer specifically to the user’s guide that can be downloaded from Razer. Without the benefit of software, you can reassign to M1-M6 buttons A, B, X, Y, button D-pad, pushing the analog sticks or even disable unused programmable buttons. You can also separately raise or lower the sensitivity of the analog stick and then check it to enable / disable vibration and backlight buttons A, B, X, Y. Given that the first Razer Sabertooth is designed to play on the Xbox 360, there is no special software to configure the gamepad on the PC is not. 


We tested the Razer Sabertooth on the PC and Xbox 360, and left fully satisfied with the result. On the PC Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Euro Truck Simulator 2 management has become more precise and sharp reaction to the actions of instant. In GTA V on Xbox 360 drive has less inertia, lags were gone, taxi turned smoother and more natural. Compared to this control using the Xbox 360 Controller seem prohibitive stringy. Excellent proved rocker bottom buttons that really were very comfortable, and super-sensitive block A, B, X, Y – the speed of response and the first and second just phenomenal.

Razer Sabertooth recently went on sale in Ukraine, with a price tag of 735 USD. Gamepad Razer significantly more expensive than the Classic Controller Microsoft, which can be bought for 400-430 USD. You can also find gamepads from Logitech, Thrustmaster, even the Razer Onza , still found in the sale, worth 495 USD. As to whether such a price, especially for a wired device?



If you play on Xbox or PC games that require connectivity gamepad (sports sims, racing, shooters), professionally – clearly justified. If you play a lot in a variety of multi-platform projects and your basic gamepad controller – yes. If your game system – the PC and prefer the mouse and keyboard and gamepad use only from time to time – it is better pay attention to the classic Xbox 360 Wireless Controller , or one of gamepads Logitech F-series.


+ Design
+ Ergonomics
+ The programmable keys
+ Extra-sensitive buttons
+ No lags
+ Carrying Case

Do not like it

– Cable length
– Lack of software for PC
– Price

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