Review Wireless Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Review Wireless Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Review Wireless Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Fortunately, Logitech, focusing on accessories for tablets and smartphones, not forgotten about laptop users. Recently, the company’s activity in this segment was limited to only update the color versions rather old models that looked quite archaic compared to new products Logitech. Guest of today’s review is one of the first “swallows”, showing the direction in which the company will go in the segment of devices for everyday use.

Rounded and smooth lines gave way to the chopped shape, silhouette of previous generations, resembling a bar of soap, became stricter, faster and even more aggressive.

All this allows Logitech M280 look really modern and stylish. And because of this mouse is a perfect companion to modern ultrabooks.

Review Wireless Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Away we visited the black version of M280, but will be available for sale and bright blue model. Podladonnaya panel is made of brushed and practical plastic, do not collect fingerprints and sides are made of rubber with a picture of the little triangles.

How does this impact on the usability will be discussed in the next section.

Ease of use

Review Wireless Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Housing Logitech Wireless Mouse M280 compact enough – still in front of us a portable solution. Mouse asymmetrical, right-handed, although given the size, benefit from ergonomic body can extract the owners only a very small brush.

For brushes of all sizes, the best option will grip “fingers”. Rubber sidewalls contribute to a good grip, but they quickly become soiled.

I would like to praise the distinct click major keys, and separately – the work of the scroll wheel.

This element in previous generations often received criticism due to the rapidly emerging backlash and quite loud work in the test sample for nearly two weeks of such problems have arisen.


PC communications using proprietary Unifying receiver works with a range of up to 25 meters. Of course, most of the manipulator will be used as close as possible to the computer, but even at a distance of 10 meters, a line of sight connection problems have arisen.

Review Wireless Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Logitech M280 is equipped with an optical sensor with a resolution of 1000 dpi, which is sufficient for almost any situation, with the exception of dynamic games for high resolution. The mouse works steadily on virtually any surface, including carpet and upholstery sofas. Battery life, according to the manufacturer, up to 18 months, there is no doubt, given the personal experience with similar products from Logitech.

To use the basic functions of the mouse there is no need to install additional software, but if you want to change keys, change the functionality of the wheel and get information about the battery, you will need to install the application Logitech Options.

In summary

Review Wireless Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse M280

Logitech Wireless Mouse M280 – a worthy representative of the range of mobile manipulators, has an updated design and decent stuffing. Given the recommended value, M280 is an excellent suggestion for those who want to get a quality portable manipulator for every day.

We liked:

+ Appearance

+ Price

+ Quality

We do not like:

– No

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