How to connect mouse to iPad without jailbreak

How to connect mouse to iPad without jailbreak

Tablets are not intended to create content. Tablets are used for watching or using content. However, iPad is enough powerful device, so theoretically it can be used for professional purposes. The main problem is that iPad does not support a mouse.

And if the problem with a keyboard can be solved with purchase the brand Apple accessory, however to connect mouse by Wi-Fi is not so simple. As a rule, many people advise to make jailbreak and connect mouse. However, not everyone wants to make jailbreak. We know one way how you can connect a mouse to iPad without jailbreak. Dock station DoBox can help you.

So you can connect any peripheral devices, including mouse. The mouse connects to the tablet wirelessly.

How to connect mouse to iPad without jailbreak

In addition, you do not need to install additional software or jailbreak. After connecting the mouse, on the tablet screen appears a familiar arrowhead. The left mouse button can make “tap”, the right – to replace the button “Home” and scroll wheel allows to scroll the page.

In fact, DoBox can convert the tablet into laptop. You can decide yourself how to use your tablet. As you know, Apple iPad has a good battery life, so it can compete with any laptop. We think dock station DoBox will find its buyers.

In addition, DoBox has built-in battery, and it can be used as wireless router. You can connect microSDHC card to the tablet, and play music or video content.

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