The Badger a new waterproof solar panel

The Badger a new waterproof solar panel

The Badger a new waterproof solar panel

What is a portable battery to take a hike? Solar! For example – The Badger, created by engineers Brown Dog Gadgets. Let’s look at the new device closer.

Why this gadget? It is rugged, compact and not afraid of the impact of water (thanks to the support of the standard IP65).

Caught in a rainstorm, or drop the device into the river? Do not worry – the device will continue to operate. Let’s look at the other features of the battery The Badger.

Features of the Badger

The Badger a new waterproof solar panel

Moreover, The Badger can be used as a protective cover for smartphones and tablets. The body develops new products accordingly.

Charging is done via the interface USB. The authors of the project did not limit the current and the process is quite fast.

The more interesting product? The presence of individual modules such as the meter voltage and extra batteries (not to be left without power in the dark).

The Badger a new waterproof solar panel

These units have included but are not integrated into The Badger. Units do not need everyone. Why carry extra weight?

Now Brown Dog Gadgets raises funds for the mass production of a prototype. If the action is successful on Kickstarter, the release of the device will be held in July this year.

Conclusion of the Badger

New solar panel Badger has a great potential for lovers of travel. Pre-order price will be 70 US dollars.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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