Projection screen Screen Innovations Theater Zero Edge Black Diamond HD 0.8 review

Projection screen Screen Innovations Theater Zero Edge Black Diamond HD 0.8 review

Projection screen Screen Innovations Theater Zero Edge Black Diamond HD 0.8 review

In forming an image involves two parties: the projector and the screen. Of course, a greater contribution to the quality makes the first component and the second – an accessory. But we – the examples of network cables or air conditioners – to understand what can be a significant part of the auxiliary member. A testing Screen Innovations Black Diamond, convinced that the screen can act almost as a full system.

At the heart of the American production company Screen Innovations – a kind of invention, the formula of which is kept secret. But the result is known: it screens prevent the scattering of light. Its rays incident on the surface at angles away from direct, absorbed or otherwise disappear from our sight. Unlike competitors’ models, as the company said, it does not matter in a vertical or horizontal direction is the main stream of light. Looking ahead, we note that in testing we found that the best picture is seen, if you are looking at the screen directly, rather than at an angle.

The model that we test, performed on a solid support and is similar to a very large flat screen TV with a thin frame. Is that modern TV off screens black and Black Diamond – dark gray with a metallic sheen. However, it may be white and almost black in dependence on a parameter indicative of the concentration of the reflected light at an angle – something like gain. Which option is needed for your and your cinema projector, can be determined by Screen Wizard program on the website.

If you have a look there, you can also watch some videos, which demonstrates how the image is better in all respects on the screen Screen Innovations, than the usual white. And it’s not a gimmick – it is kind of effect we observed in our test lab. Compared with conventional screen image on the Black Diamond is much more contrast; particularly admire the depth and velvety black. And other colors – rich, vivid, playing tones and shades. In the movie “Angels and Demons” as something new appeared one of the main characters – Rome with its unique architecture and monuments.

White color in this black screen – energetic and clean; its a lot of the film “Mamma Mia!”. The walls of houses in the sun look quite significantly, since all their roughness and unevenness in such contrast clearly drawn.

When the light image, especially in bright scenes look quite acceptable, particularly when compared with that obtained on a conventional screen.


Screen Innovations screen material consists of several layers that have specific optical properties. Company offers three variant thereof differing degree of absorption of scattered light, with the parameters of 0.8 or 1.4 or 2.7. Contrast enhancement can be up to 900%, and the absorption of the “extra” light – up to 85%. The screen that we tested is the first of these indicators; it is the most dark in appearance. Last – silvery white, middle – gray.

Projection screen Screen Innovations Theater Zero Edge Black Diamond HD 0.8 review

These values also characterize the solid angle at which the reflected light is directed: the parameter is less than the narrower the angle of divergence. If you need a big screen, you should choose a model with an index of 2.7; it is also more suitable for passive 3D. The structure of the material makes it suitable for screen content is not something that in 4K, and up to a potential resolution of 8K.

Screen Innovations Black Diamond – a truly innovative product and reliable partner of the projector, allowing him to fully develop their talents. We advise to pay him the most attention.

Price: $ 4400

Pros: Significant increase the contrast and saturation of colors; reduction requirements blackout

Cons: The price is comparable in size TV

Verdict: An excellent companion to the projector high price category

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